112 Operator Mod APK brings players to the point of view of a lifeguard operator and the challenges they face every day. Use your sharp skills to help the victims in emergencies.

App Name112 Operator
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112 Operator is an exciting simulation game that will help you experience the work of a rescue operator. Dozens of complex tasks are given that need to be solved quickly because the people’s lives in the city are in your hands. There will be many calls to the switchboard to ask for help in a day, so you must always keep your focus and be flexible in support.

112 Operator


Coming to 112 Operator, you will have the opportunity to transform into an employee of the 112 hotlines and be on duty 24 hours a day. The game requires players to be patient because no one will be able to leave their position without an emergency. You will work at a headquarters in the city, and your daily task is to meet all the needs of the people or provide necessary solutions to certain situations.

You will see a map of the entire city on the main screen to quickly locate the person in trouble. After knowing the exact location, the next thing is to notify the rescue team and ask people to leave the scene immediately. But you also need to consider the weather and the traffic situation to choose the fastest route. If the rescue team is late, people may be in danger, so always ensure everything is under control.

112 Operator112 Operator


As an employee in the city’s relief team, you should know that you will be faced with many different situations, from simple to complex. However, you must always be ready to deal with them quickly, no matter the problem. Sometimes there are also a lot of emergencies, and the victim will call directly to provide information, but you also have the choice to accept the call or decline.

Usually, you will see that there are quite a few accidents that happen in a day around the world, such as an accident, a fire, or even a bank robbery. These situations will be reproduced in 112 Operators, and you will have to come up with the most reasonable solutions possible. But you also have to be wary of fake situations from people who intentionally want to tease and not let that happen; it’s best to focus on reasoning.


To make the rescue work quickly, you need to equip some indispensable support tools such as vehicles, first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, and you can find them in the store. In addition, the force is also significant because emergencies such as fires, catching dangerous criminals, or robberies require more workforce. After completing the missions, you will unlock the police force and coordinate them in urgent situations.

The force and the means of transport also play a huge role because it determines the speed of processing work and the time to reach the destination. The game has provided many types of vehicles for you to use, such as ambulances, cars, fire trucks, and even helicopters. However, you need to know how to choose the type of vehicle to suit each situation because if something goes wrong, the victim can die.

112 Operator112 Operator


To make the player’s experience better, 112 Operator has simulated a reasonably realistic world for you to enjoy. Emergencies are all default, but weather effects and some other random elements will suddenly happen at any time. You can’t predict the situation because the weather can worsen while the rescue team is on its way to the scene.

It can be said that the weather will be the biggest obstacle for players because it will cause traffic congestion and make movement limited. In addition, fire-related cases are also very well simulated when the fire spreads more and more after some time. This contributes to creating drama for players and surprises those new to this game for the first time.


  • Realizing a childhood dream is being able to become a professional particular rescue operator.
  • The main task that the game gives you is to come up with strategies and puzzles to handle situations.
  • The ability to upgrade and equip the necessary tools will help maximize rescue operations and overcome challenges.
  • One of the game’s players’ skills is observation and reasonable calculation to avoid all risks.
  • The game is built and developed by top graphic designers to be able to create realistic simulated weather effects.
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