App Name 2112TD: Tower Defense Survival
Publisher Refinery Productions
Genre Strategy
Size 280M
Latest Version 1.95.86
MOD Info Free Shopping
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If you are a fan of exploring sci-fi adventures, it is definitely not to be missed 2112TD: Tower Defense Survival. A furious onslaught of rival factions awaits your joining. Here, your research and build a solid defense tower system against enemy harm. You take on a heavy responsibility on your shoulders: to protect the Earth from the danger of destruction.

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival


Tower defense is an essential element of the 2112TD. Why can I claim that? Because this is a hiding place to discuss strategy. At the same time, it also allows players to make accurate shots at targets to defeat them. With the latest version, we have slightly moved the tower’s location located next to the command center. Thanks to this optimization change, you can now aim your enemies much more accurately.


This sci-fi adventure flight takes players to the world of 100 years later. The scene here is highly chaotic; many fierce battles are taking place. To be able to perform your mission as well as possible entirely depends on your intelligence and experience on the battlefield. This is a huge difference compared to the traditional TD games you are used to. The actions from baby to adult are all under your control.

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival


Although the setting is in the future, the art style is designed in a very familiar old way. It is associated with the brilliant achievements that existed during the most prominent period of RTS. That once again affirms the respect for seniors such as Command and Conquer, StarCraft, etc. This traditional value has always been preserved that has pulled many gamers to stay with 2112TD until the last moment.


Starting from a specific task related to the destiny of the whole world, so for this virtual world, time is significant. Even each passing second has its own value and affects the whole time. It reproduces and simulates an uncompromising scene between the two sides of good and evil in the most realistic way. You will experience electrical attacks, cornering the fortification walls, etc. The battle takes place in the air, with many campaigns planned in the air.

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival


2112TD is considered suitable for both beginners and veteran heroes. If you have just heard of this game from a friend and want to try it, don’t worry if you are afraid of being destroyed as soon as you join. It offers many fairly simple initial modes with the ability to respawn after death. If you are a notoriously experienced player who doesn’t mind a challenge, you can skip it and go straight into the nightmarish battles.


Powerful weapon system not to be missed exclusively for you. A variety of guns are incredibly diverse, and each possesses a unique function. Therefore, depending on each enemy, each situation, you make the most of them to bring victory! Some typical names such as machine guns, flamethrowers, etc. Do you remember the towers used for defense! You can upgrade them to a new level of strength through the experimental to practical stages.

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival


Besides, because wars happen in the air, the lifesavers for you in the air are also designed specifically. When cornered in the most dangerous position, it is possible to fall from the air to the ground. At this point, the appearance of drones is the best thing we have for you. It helps you escape death and increases your defense. It even enables you to attack enemies with large bombs.


The spoils of success in each battle are extremely attractive. That is the most precious thing of a soldier who is willing to sacrifice his life to protect the survival of the Earth, includes data collected on the battlefield along with unique weapons left behind by enemies. They are critical because they are proof of your efforts, of the achievements you have achieved in the past.

All heroes are working; research does not know what the rest is. Besides the purpose for the Human World, you are also enrolled in the leaderboard. Only the best, killing the most enemies, can unlock the sweetest rewards. To ensure that you are not disturbed while performing your duties, we do not partner with any brands. Therefore, the problem of being interrupted by ads when attacking enemies will not occur in 2112TD.

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