33RD: Random Defense opens up a cute but not trivial animal battlefield. The player must combine the use of items and build his army. In addition, the element of luck is also an interesting point!

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App Name 33RD: Random Defense
Publisher Wondersquad
Genre Strategy
Size 77M
Latest Version 3.9.2
MOD Info Mega Menu
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33RD is an exciting game with many elements of surprise with 33 special attacks from animals. You may be standing in an empty and safe area, but 1 second later, suddenly, animals appear and attack you. Use everything you have to fight back and escape the siege!

33RD: Random Defense


Your squad in this game is a magician and an army of animals. Mages will have their own spells and powers, and you can strengthen the mage’s capacity to make it stronger.
As for your army of animals, they will have to fight the army of animals controlled by the system. The amount difference will not be a problem if you equip them with guns, sparks, etc.


33RD has up to 33 attack types and a variety of game modes: single tower defense simulator, duel mode, co-op tactical battle simulation mode, special mode. Each mode has its own characteristics and charm. Please read the instructions carefully before entering each new mode!

33RD: Random Defense 33RD: Random Defense


In this animal arena, your army always has to defend. Because there is a possibility of a sudden attack by the army of animals at any moment, tactics about the position, weapons must always be in a state of readiness to fight. However, the animal army can completely overwhelm you with a little luck. Let’s build smart tactics to be able to win every battle.

With simple graphics, the game brings back the feeling of childhood when remembering the old games. However, the plot highlights and the element of surprise keep players from getting bored!

The animal arena is never out of hot and always opens the door to lead you into this battle. Make a clever strategy of combining the mage and the animal army to win easily!

33RD: Random Defense 33RD: Random Defense
  • There are 33 attack kinds to choose from, as well as many fascinating fight styles.
  • When facing a severe animal army onslaught, team up with a mage and animal army to maximize your effectiveness.
  • Defend at all times and from any location since adversaries may emerge out of nowhere.
  • Increase the might of your magicians and troops in order to make them more powerful.
  • The visuals are straightforward, but the narrative is engaging, with surprising twists and turns.
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