App Name6ix9ine Runner
Latest Version1.5.1
MOD InfoUnlocked All Skins
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6ix9ine Runner is a music game with beautiful neon light graphics. Players will control the character to move on that beautiful path, dodging and destroying the obstacles that stand in your way. The diversification of gameplay will give players diverse experiences and help players have interesting entertainment moments, especially this game will be suitable for those who have a love for music.


Unlike other music games that require players to have knowledge of music theory and mastery of musical instruments, this game is different; 6ix9ine Runner has a straightforward interface and gameplay. Ask the player to have dexterity and flexibility in every step. You will use your fingers to control the character to move in two directions, left and right, try to overcome the obstacles, and go to the end of the path.

6ix9ine Runner6ix9ine Runner


Players will overcome obstacles while popular songs are played. Please choose your favorite songs to enjoy the game in the best way; colorful blocks of obstacles will appear based on the song’s rhythm; listen carefully to the melody of the songs to be able to overcome the challenges quickly. Sometimes on the way, players will encounter many obstacles close together; this is the time when you show your skillful dodging skills.

Players can collect and use skills to quickly win the game. Try to unlock all the songs to complete the challenge of conquering the game now. Overcome the challenges, and players will collect a lot of attractive rewards. The money that players receive will be used to unlock new songs; the more levels you pass, the more your bonus will increase.

6ix9ine Runner6ix9ine Runner6ix9ine Runner


You can see the progress you’ve made along the way through the progress bar at the top of the screen. The 3D scene in the game combined with many colorful colors has given players an entirely new space to enjoy music. The music, the setting, and the characters have combined into a perfect combination. This is considered an extremely addictive game; players will be immersed in the game for hours and find it difficult to get out of that greatness.

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