7 Wonders DUEL officially brings you to the world of casinos, where you can challenge all your friends. Here you will need to accept the challenge of all your friends and bet all on your own cards.

App Name 7 Wonders DUEL
Publisher Repos Production
Genre Strategy
Size 140M
Latest Version 1.1.4
MOD Info Full Game
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Do you have a strong passion for challenging words? Then come to 7 Wonders DUEL immediately to receive challenges from friends. This is a modern thinking strategy game, where players come to a chessboard and draw tattoos. Interesting will take place in that chessboard, and it is the player who has the right to decide his own fate. Win and put your name on the game’s prestigious leaderboard.

7 Wonders DUEL 7 Wonders DUEL


On the chessboard will take turns, and only two people can enter a match. These two people represent the strength and belligerence of a team. You will represent our team to compete with great enthusiasm. Players must demonstrate the ability to control that game to get an overwhelming advantage over the opponent. The opponent in 7 Wonders DUEL will be a random person chosen to participate in the tournament.

There will be three rounds for each match in turn, and we will go from round 1 to round 3 as initially planned. Each round is also a period, and we need to build that period as quickly as possible. Interestingly, all phases will have associated buildings, and whoever has the most construction advantage wins. Each quiz and each challenge will be given to help us win the right to choose a random card.


In turn, each player will be selected a ticket at 7 Wonders DUEL, and that is also the time to let you know if you are the first or the last. All miracle cards will be shuffled entirely to avoid unwanted tricks. If you are the first, you have the right to choose a card and turn it over to see which piece of the puzzle matches the building. The more relevant pieces you win, the greater your chances of winning.

There’s also an element of intrigue when we proceed to select the wonder and turn heads. The first person with the advantage can choose any and proceed to face up to face the other player. You will also have the right to choose another wonder card to equalize the score with the remaining player. After both turn heads, the round continues; players need to calculate the probability of winning skillfully.

7 Wonders DUEL 7 Wonders DUEL 7 Wonders DUEL


After the player, in turn, opens each piece of wonder, proceed to complete the assembly into a building. If you win more featured cards, you will surely build that wonder in the fastest way. Moreover, players also need to take advantage of the objective suggestions of 7 Wonders DUEL to be able to win the right to draw the other party’s cards. After drawing as desired, the player will proceed to convert to match his wonder.

In turn, the game will take place, and whoever has a higher chance of winning will move on to the next match. 7 Wonders DUEL always creates exciting and attractive things to help players conquer challenges. You will discover more mysteries in each wonder, and the game will always follow you in the process of choosing cards.

  • Players and a random friend of theirs participate in an all-out match in 7 Wonders DUEL.
  • Both people need to take advantage of opportunities to be able to choose and draw the featured wonder cards.
  • You participate in every challenge to win the right to draw cards on the opponent’s team.
  • You calculate each probability to be able to choose the card of wonder to build curiosity as quickly as possible.
  • You use the hints of the game to win the missing card in your set of wonders.
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