In Abandoned City Survival Mod APK – Assist the city’s survivors! Collect materials, make tools, and construct a home!

  • Ressources No Decrease
  • High Capacity Storage
  • Instant Craft ( No delay )
  • Unlimited x2 Time Speed ( Watch ADS 1 time to enable)
  • Human Spawn x50 ( Watch ADS 1 time to enable)
App Name Abandoned City Survival
Publisher Pavel Katsnelson
Genre Strategy
Size 172 MB
Latest Version 1.0.8
MOD Info Unlimited All, Instant Craft, High Capacity
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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to a planet that has been wracked by extensive disaster and in which only scattered communities of humanity have survived. In this post-apocalyptic survival game, you must do everything it takes to stay alive. Take care of the survivors, construct the last safe haven, and fix up the big vehicle so you can escape the deserted city.


It is up to you, as the player of this idle survival game, to scour the whole landscape in search of useful items, such as food, fuel, and building components, so that you may maintain your existence. Scavenge, rob abandoned homes and automobiles, and break into other buildings to get your hands on anything that could be useful in your construction or crafting endeavors.


Collaborate with the other people who have survived to build your own safe haven. Construct a large storage area for supplies such as food and materials, spruce up the dorm room so that other survivors may reside there, and establish a garden so that they can get food. You, and only you, can keep the survivors safe!


The more resources you have, the more innovative tools you will be able to develop. Don’t overlook the need of constructing a medical facility to treat the survivors and make them more agile and robust. There are hundreds of additional improvements that may be made to the city in order to make it a more desirable place to live.


If you love playing games that simulate survival, you will most likely have a good time searching the ghost city for concealed crafting supplies and exploring it. You also have the option of sending expeditions to far-flung lands in search of more desirable commodities.

What are you holding out for exactly? Gather supplies, make implements, and construct the base camp! Your assistance is needed to bring life back to the deserted metropolis. Participate in one of the most entertaining games that focuses on idle crafts and survival.


  • Investigate the region, it’s got everything you’ll need to stay alive! Rare resources may be found and collected.
  • Collect various materials and things to make tools and weapons, and construct a city shelter! Try to stay alive!
  • You can design and produce more complicated materials for creating items in this game.
  • Investigate new tools in any manner imaginable! Meet other survivors who can assist you in improving your quality of life in the city.
  • Pixelated 3D visuals are excellent.
  • Explore the environment in every manner conceivable; you’re now a true survivor. Create your own urban hideaway.
  • Explore new locations, make tools, and collect materials for building. It’s not simple to build a shelter in the city! Do it right now!
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