App NameAesthetic Video Editor: Videap ( music video maker with effects. Ltd
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Latest Version3.9.7
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Get it OnGoogle Play is a professional video editor with various effects, tools, functions, and features. It can also evolve and adapt to each user’s activities, making them more productive to create incredible and impressive videos. In addition, it regularly updates new content to expand the user’s experience and bring a professional video editing feeling.


Filters will change the entire tone of the videos, but users can use multiple filters to continuously change the feeling that each frame gives. Customizing the filter will also help make things more efficient and make the video more engaging.

Video Effects & Aesthetic Filter Editor – Fito.lyVideo Effects & Aesthetic Filter Editor –


A professional editor will help users process videos quickly, neatly, and conveniently with just simple operations. It also integrates more AI to speed up the processing or help improve the frame quality, resolution, and FPS of the video.


Simple but glittery effects can be good additions to make videos more unique in special moments. Fortunately, the app has more than hundreds of different glitter patterns and extensive customization for users to be creative and excited.


Templates are the saviors if the user does not have new ideas to make the video gorgeous and attractive. Each preset has its unique employment with AI support, making every segment of the video automated and helping users customize every detail more efficiently.

Video Effects & Aesthetic Filter Editor – Fito.lyVideo Effects & Aesthetic Filter Editor – Fito.lyVideo Effects & Aesthetic Filter Editor –


The application will have many AI-powered functions to give users more precision when editing each scene of the videos, and the system will automatically record to apply on the rest of the videos. Many features also include extensive customization, giving users many impressive discoveries with professional video editing.


Multi-layer is a well-known concept that allows users to add new content and edit them layer by layer. That helps preserve the main work, and users can arrange, customize, and personalize each layer to create new potential or combinations for every video.

User creativity is endless, and will help them realize all their ideas for any video they come across. Best of all, its personalization or adaptation to user activity enhances the overall video editing experience.

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