Age of Galaxy is a simple strategy game. Players control and upgrade armies to destroy all targets to receive rewards.

App Name Age of Galaxy
Publisher Zero Touch group
Genre Strategy
Size 25M
Latest Version 1.0301
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds
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Age of Galaxy is an old-fashioned strategy game with simple graphics with a bit of childhood nostalgia. Players do not have to play the role of a real person but will be the ones to control the fighting armies to destroy the enemy.

Age of Galaxy


Players will move and control the troops to shoot the target. Use the operation to click on the army you want to use and move to the place you want to place it. When they see an enemy, they will shoot themselves. Each box will contain three soldiers; your army can be destroyed when hit by the enemy’s attack. For main protection, you can use shields or other items that can be purchased in the game store. Arrange the armies with your genius thinking in a straight line or a Z…

Upgrade troops and their weapons to increase their power. Use the diamonds received after each level to buy more equipment.

Age of Galaxy


Your enemies are monsters. In the early levels, the monster just stands still with low health, so it will be possible to defeat it quickly. But the later levels go, the difficulty of the game increases. Monsters become very strong, have a lot of health, can move and attack your army. This is also an interesting point of the game; monsters will also attack you instead of only you attacking. Dodge them and shoot accurately!

Age of Galaxy


Age of Galaxy has thousands of levels, along with a variety of maps for each level. Each map will have exciting features, such as rivers, buildings, deserts, etc. Corresponding to each map, the enemy will also change corresponding to each map. Explore the maps and collect lots of diamonds!

This will be a suitable option to relieve stress because you will not pay any money to play it and do not need an internet connection. Destroy all the enemies in each level with your genius army layout thinking!!

Age of Galaxy


  • Build a reasonable strategy to destroy the enemies
  • Each box contains three soldiers; the number of soldiers placed is limited in each level, can move them during combat
  • Enemies are monsters with increasing strength: more health, can move and attack you back
  • Simple graphics in the old style but diverse with thousands of different maps
  • Collect diamonds after each level up to upgrade weapons and battle armies.
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