Age of Z Origins takes players to a world full of zombies where you will defend the city against waves of attacks from enemies. Powerful towers can be strengthened over time, and armies ready for conquest.

App Name Age of Z Origins
Publisher Camel Games Limited
Genre Strategy
Size 764M
Latest Version 1.3.34
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Age of Z Origins is a game with diverse gameplay in a survival world full of bloodthirsty zombies. You will build the city of survivors and maintain its growth to support the fight. At the same time, the defenses with powerful automatic weapons will prevent the invasion of zombies, and you can also have your army to be able to conquer them.

Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense


The world you find in Age of Z Origins is wholly filled with events as the number of zombies increases and continuously becomes a threat to the living. Survivors gather in a city full of modern equipment to defeat any zombies approaching the player. At the same time, you also take on the responsibility of protecting this city when your enemies constantly appear in different waves.

The first job in the game that you will certainly not be able to ignore is maintaining the city’s activities. Every city has resources that you can use to develop them through the upgrade process. At the same time, a point that anyone knows is that the effectiveness of each building will depend on the level they possess. In addition, the battle power bonus mechanism is a new point that will motivate you to upgrade the buildings in the game.

Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense


Besides building your city in Age of Z Origins, you also find another tower-defense gameplay. You will use four basic weapons and place them in predetermined positions according to your tactics. At the same time, each weapon will have its influence when the enemy comes, so it is straightforward for you to increase your defense. In addition, the strength and endurance of the enemy will increase day by day.

Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense

In addition to the basic powers these weapons possess, you can also upgrade them to defeat stronger enemies. Features not lacking in this game include an upgrade that you can perform when you have enough resources and a battle power bonus. The second feature is understood as improved attack parts corresponding to the level of a building. In other words, the higher their level, the more damage percentage will increase.


The enemies you face in Age of Z Origins will appear in various sources, such as tower defense or the conquests of your army. For these conquests, you will build a number of different types of troops that are completely powerful. At the same time, you will see enemies appear to attack them instead of defending against the invading wave. Of course, you won’t have any impact on the battle either.

Age of Z Origins:Tower Defense

Once you have decided to attack the enemy, you will decide the amount for the conquest by adjusting the sliders. At the same time, you will also see the dominance of your army through the bar located at the top of the screen with two different colors that continuously change length.

The journey to survive in an utterly apocalyptic world engages players with:

  • Thanks to your takeover, a city of humans that survived in the pandemic and will continue to grow.
  • You will prevent zombies from entering when you place the weapons in a suitable position so that they can automatically attack the enemy.
  • The towers’ strength can be improved through in-battle upgrades and bonus battle power mechanics.
  • You will be able to build yourself an army of humans to carry out punishments on the groups of zombies you see.
  • The number of troops you recruit is entirely diverse, and you will be the one to decide the number of participants to overwhelm the enemy.
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