AI Enlarger MOD APK is a picture upscaler and enhancer app, has the ability to correct blurry photos, boost photo quality, and clarify images.

App NameAI Enlarger
PublisherVertexshare Software Ltd
Size49 MB
Latest Version2.8.4
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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AI Enlarger help increase the size of your photo or anime picture by 200 percent, 400 percent, or 800 percent without compromising the image’s quality. Photos that are pixelated or blurry should be fixed. Increase the photo’s resolution while also working to improve its overall quality.

AI Enlarger is a program that lets you expand images, photographs, and anime pictures without causing the images to blur or suffer any other quality loss. The program is based on cutting-edge AI photo super-resolution technology. The AI Enlarger not only magnifies the image by a factor of 200 percent, but it is also capable of increasing its size by a factor of 400 percent or even 800 percent. Make it simple to turn your photographs, cartoons, and animations into ultra-high-definition wallpaper in 4k, 8k, or even 16k resolution.

In addition, you may utilize AI sharpening, image improvement, deblurring, color optimization, and other services to improve the quality of your photographs, clear up blurry pictures, and intelligently minimize noise. In addition to improving the color and contrast of the picture.


Upgrade to a higher quality. Explore the full range of our AI technologies to improve the quality of your photographs. Comprehensive artificial intelligence toolkits to improve picture resolution using intelligent enhancement techniques.

  1. AI Enlarger: Enlarge and upscale images without compromising quality using AI Enlarger. Enlarging by 200 percent, 400 percent, and 800 percent is supported.
  2. AI Upscaler: Customized and improved upscaling algorithm for quicker and batch upscaling of photos.
  3. Our AI Anime16K upscales anime and cartoon images to 16k resolution. Alternative to Waifu2x at its best.
  4. AI Enhancer: Use AI to improve and modify the colors and light balance of your photographs without needing any special abilities. It’s completely free!
  5. AI Sharpener: Using innovative and quick AI technology, deblur a picture. Improve the quality of hazy photographs by sharpening them.
  6. Retouch and correct the fuzzy face using AI Face Retouch. With only one click, you may enhance your hair, eyes, lips, and skin.
  7. AI Backdrop Remover: Automatically remove the background from a picture. As little as $0.03 per picture is available. Batch processing is supported.
  8. AI Denoiser: Using AI noise reduction technology, you can remove noise from digital camera photos.
  9. AI Cartoonizer is a free AI program that online changes your portrait and face shot into a cartoon style. It’s time to freshen up your cartoon profile.
  10. AI Photo Colorizer: Automatically add color to your black-and-white images. Access is completely free and unrestricted. Resurrect antique photographs.


  • Straightforward and uncomplicated to use. Simply upload a photo, and everything else will be taken care of for you instantly.
  • Faster and stronger picture lossless enlargement. Easily magnify photographs by a factor of 2, 4, or 8, and create high-definition images in resolutions of 4k, 8k, or even 16k.
  • algorithms for the removal of noise and the cleaning of images. Increase the size of the photo without compromising its quality, fix and improve the image’s overall appearance, and bring out its true colors.
  • Anime images of the highest quality, suitable for use as 4k, 8k, and 16k wallpapers. Personalized and improved algorithm for upscaling animation and cartoon pictures; keeps colors as true as possible; offers increased speed without sacrificing quality; compares well to Waifu2x and Yome2x.
  • Smart color improvement. Enhance the quality of your photographs using AI technology to provide enhancements with improved color and contrast.
  • Make the visuals less fuzzy. Fix blurry photographs with the use of AI-powered sharpening technology, which also helps to increase picture clarity and resolution.
  • Improve the face photo’s blurring. Fixing blurry faces and bringing back their clarity may be accomplished with the use of AI-powered intelligent restoration technologies. Make images with a lower resolution into those with a higher resolution.
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