AOD – Art Of Defense Mod APK is a tower defense game set in a post-apocalyptic setting where players will fight bloodthirsty enemies. Powerful towers are built and upgraded using different mechanisms.

To get a lot of money, diamonds and fuel: complete the tutorial, then completely close the game and enter it again.

App Name AOD – Art Of Defense. TD
Publisher Sateda Game Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 64M
Latest Version 2.9.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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AOD – Art Of Defense revolves around the battle against the bloodthirsty people trying old research, and players will use the towers they have to destroy them. Players will be able to build strong defenses from the money they have and according to the tactics used. At the same time, the upgrade system of the towers is diverse, from upgrading in the battle to improving the skill tree of each tower.

AOD – Art Of Defense. TD


Players will be able to see a world that has been destroyed by nuclear war in AOD – Art Of Defense, and most sales have been completely destroyed. At the same time, all tragedies do not end there when a group with bad behavior is looking for information about a hidden project. In addition, they also perform many evil deeds to accomplish their goals, and you will be the one to fight these pretty bloodthirsty killers.

Players will be able to step into an area with a critical facility that stands out from the buildings that previous wars have ravaged. At the same time, there is only one path that can lead to this base that the player will need to protect and not let dangerous groups of people approach. This road will be covered with powerful towers that can destroy intruders, and the predetermined locations are the places to place the towers.

AOD – Art Of Defense. TD


When you start AOD – Art Of Defense, you will have access to tutorial levels and quickly grasp the game’s mechanics. You just need to choose a location, and the options for towers will automatically appear before you, and you can base on the amount of money you have and the tactics used to decide. In addition, you can also find helpful information related to buildings to set up a reasonable defense.

When you touch a building for information, a short message is sent to you, and you will know the tower’s destructive power and attack speed. Attack speed is also a factor to be concerned about; it affects how well you can kill continuously intruding enemies; you also know the number of enemies that appear will be crowded and move quickly. So some areas will have not only a slot to place the tower but also many other locations.

Adjacent positions often allow players to set up defenses with different buildings, allowing each tower to eliminate each other’s weaknesses. At the same time, over time, the available slots in the game will be filled because the number of enemies that constantly appear and have different resistance levels causes difficulties for players. They will appear in different waves, and you will know the specific number at the beginning of the level.

AOD – Art Of Defense. TD


The feature of towers defense games like AOD – Art Of Defense is the mechanism to upgrade towers to help players complete the level in the best way. Players will have the option to upgrade any building they wish, and the amount will usually be quite large, so they need to make their selection carefully. In addition, the appearance of different waves of enemies will be a condition for players to earn money and increase the strength of towers.

Another notable point regarding towers is the upgrade system for towers, and this upgrade process will have a permanent effect and be done before the game screen begins. Players will find a complete list of towers in the game, and they all have skill trees to grow. At the same time, players also see the complexity of these skill trees, and it will take time to realize the potential they can bring to the towers.

AOD – Art Of Defense. TD

Players will participate in the battle against the bloodthirsty:

  • Players will enter a world ravaged by war and fight evil conspirators searching for a forgotten project.
  • The locations on the path leading to the protected target have slots for placing towers, and you are free to choose which one you use.
  • The towers all have characteristics displayed through short information, and towers placed close together can support each other.
  • Players can use the money they have to buy more new buildings or upgrades to improve their strength and fend off waves of enemies.
  • Players will be led to a system of towers that have skill trees attached, and they will spend time upgrading this system in the best way.
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