AR Compass PRO APK is all-in-one answer for all of your navigational needs: a 3D augmented reality compass, GPS, map, and landmarks!

App NameAR Compass PRO
GenreTravel & Local
Latest Version1.8.1
MOD InfoFull Paid, Patched
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You’ll get an extremely accurate compass and a split-screen view of the map with the AR GPS Compass Map 3D Pro. This is the first time in history that a green arrow has been added to the top of a compass to make it easier to locate landmarks using latitude and longitude, for example. Compass readings are combined and filtered using a combination of fusion and filtering algorithms, allowing us to maintain the highest level of precision and stability throughout its operation. Other applications include determining the height of notable entities like buildings or trees using a distinguishing feature. You shouldn’t have any issues with it if you look into it.

The app’s exceptional accuracy and scalability depend on the use of 3D augmented reality. Depending on which side of the screen the user is looking at, this map can be displayed on either the left or right side of the screen. This is where you’ll find a variety of GPS-related data (latitude, longitude, speed, altitude, number of satellites,…) Magnetic fields can also be measured using it, as can the height of tall structures (such as skyscrapers and trees). Among the additional uses are:

The warning for the strength of the magnetic field, which indicates the presence of magnetic influences, is always on. With geocaching, it’s easy to identify landmarks and locate them, as well as communicate with other geocachers about where you are. For example, users can define landmarks in various ways, including by pressing on the map for a long time, providing latitude and longitude in multiple formats, or providing measurements such as distance and bearing. In addition, it is possible to provide information about the landmarks. Deviation tables and rotating maps are among the advanced calibration methods supported by LG’s Real3D stereoscopic display.

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