Army Battle Simulator is a strategy game where you will approach many troops with impressive strength. You will create a squad that meets different requirements and takes out all the enemies before you.


App NameArmy Battle Simulator
PublisherRappid Studios
Latest Version1.3.50
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Army Battle Simulator offers a tactical experience where players will showcase their skills through the formations they create. They will receive requests and create reasonable formations to fight the enemy. At the same time, the tactics that you can create are completely diverse, as many types of weapons and soldiers can appear in battle.

Army Battle Simulator


In Army Battle Simulator, players will be taken to a war between two armies that differ in color and tactics. You will control the blue army and observe the enemies you face. Therefore, players can freely observe the field, zoom in and out to place the troops they own to start the match. Of course, you will not take advantage of what this game has to offer.

At the top of the screen, you will see different types of troops, and when you click on a tab, other options will appear. You can easily find variety in tactics with the types of troops you can freely approach. At the same time, as mentioned above, you can only use certain types of troops and spend time learning their characteristics to fight the enemy. Of course, after the battle breaks out, you won’t be able to do anything.

Army Battle Simulator


Before starting a war in Army Battle Simulator, players will quickly find two requirements to be followed when building an army. You can see how much money you can use in the game and how many pieces you can add. So these are the two factors that make each player’s level always challenging as you have to consider many different things to fight the opponent’s squad and complete the level.

After completing your formation, you let it begin, and you have to watch everything happen automatically and see if your strategy is working or not. You will observe the emergence of new weapons and tactics as you go through different levels and overcome them.

Army Battle Simulator

The tactical experience in this game is enjoyable and challenging:

  • It’s a huge world where you can find and observe the enemies you face to set up your strategy.
  • You will easily find the required money that can be used in the match and the troop number that can appear on the field from the troop library.
  • The number of diverse armies spread across many different roles can give you great creative tactics.
  • Thanks to the tactics you create, you can defeat the enemy in an automatic battle where everything is resolved by force.
  • Many challenges are waiting for you ahead, and you will certainly find innovations in the way the enemy squad is used.
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