Art of War 3 is a strategy game where players will complete many requirements in the levels and use the available military power. Strength can be supplemented and upgraded with more powerful equipment.

App Name Art of War 3
Publisher Gear Games Global
Genre Strategy
Size 129M
Latest Version 3.1.12
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Art of War 3 exposes players to challenging experiences as they must defend their base from enemies and attempt to complete missions. In an environment covered with black mist, the player will be able to find the enemy base and choose the right moment to destroy it. Both sides have strong defensive elements, and players can add more combat forces to their advantage. Indeed, the power upgrade cannot be ignored at all.

Art of War 3:RTS strategy game


In Art of War 3, players will appear in a battle with pre-built buildings, and their job is to find a way to protect their base from enemies. At the same time, the buildings possess different characteristics similar to other strategy games, and indeed, they will be helpful to you in going to victory. You will be able to get acquainted with the mechanics of this game through the game’s tutorial screen.

Players will participate in a tutorial screen and need to complete all the operations that this game requires; you will understand the appropriate gameplay. At the same time, players can observe things accurately through a top-down perspective and recognize dangerous spots. These dangerous spots are often marked with red on the map, so you will be careful with what is about to appear. Therefore, you will certainly not be able to take your eyes off the happenings on the game screen.

Art of War 3:RTS strategy game


The requirements in Art of War 3 are completely diverse that the player can recognize, and from there, you will find a way to complete it correctly. As mentioned above, buildings have been built in advance, and you will have a specific strength base to resist enemies who want to attack unexpectedly. At the same time, during the game, players need to be careful with what is about to appear behind the fog because it could be an enemy.

The black mist in this game has similar properties to other strategy games as it covers the enemy base this game. Therefore, each move requires the player to move carefully, or at the beginning of the game screen, the player will need to split up which units protect a particular path. It is absolutely necessary because enemies can infiltrate your base from any position.

Art of War 3:RTS strategy game


An interesting point in Art of War 3 is that you can choose the units you want. Each of these units has completely different powers that you can explore. Specifically, the tutorial level lets you see how two tanks can destroy a small fleet of enemy tanks trying to infiltrate your base. In addition, with a diverse number of different units, it will create exciting tactics to help players go to victory.

In addition to the units the player finds at the start, you can add new units using resources. You will use the money to help the army become stronger because sometimes the player has to defend the base against many waves of enemy attacks. At the same time, approaching the enemy base is a challenging thing because both sides have defensive buildings that will continuously attack the intruder.

Art of War 3:RTS strategy game


When experiencing Art of War 3, players will need to care about the strength of some units because their strength can be increased. This increase is related to the equipment they are using, and you only need to see the green arrow indicating that it is possible to upgrade. In addition, this upgrade supports the character well in increasing strength in the battle, and the character at high levels will be the key for you to destroy the enemy quickly.

Players cannot take their eyes off the battles against the enemies:

  • Tactical battles continuously occur and require players to take advantage of buildings and forces to complete the task well.
  • Enemies can appear at any location, and you will need to observe the map to control the army properly to protect the base.
  • Many forces and buildings can take on defensive and offensive roles that help players optimize tactics and choose when to attack.
  • New forces will appear to increase the character’s strength, which is understandable when the player attacks the enemy base.
  • Players cannot take their eyes off the upgrade mechanics of some units, and the equipment they possess has been thoroughly improved.
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