App NameBackground Eraser
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Background Eraser is a useful application in removing the background of any photo with automatic or manual methods. Each method of removing fonts has its uses that users will be able to consider and make precise adjustments to make the image more beautiful. Also, once done, you can easily export your photo with high quality and format suitable for editing and adding it to other ones to create a new image.

Background Eraser


If you already have an excellent photo but want to change the background to something more interesting, you should try Background Eraser. The application’s font removal feature is straightforward that any user will access; it happens in some steps such as removing fonts, editing and smoothing the image. After you go through these steps, you should export your photo to the format you feel you need.

The way to remove the font of an image is divided into two ways, and each way has its benefits and is suitable for specific subjects and goals. The first method you can use if you don’t have much time is automatically removing the font. Specifically, you will select the Auto feature in the tab below the screen after selecting the right photo. Then a circle appears, and you will need to adjust its size and move to the target you need. Click done and complete the operation.

The second method is manual font removal, where you will manually adjust the size of the erase button, and every time you hover over the background of the image, you will see it disappear. So you will find the unnecessary colored areas and proceed to remove them carefully. Also, if these elements are quite small, you can easily zoom them up and continue to adjust the size of the delete button. The results of these two features both return the selected element and no font.

Background Eraser


Of course, each way of removing fonts with the Background Eraser has its advantages and limitations that you will gradually see in the use process. Once you’re done, you’ll edit some elements so you can retouch and help with the edges in the photo. The first factor that you need to consider is Smooth Edge. Its use is straightforward, and you need to select the corresponding smoothness level, and it ranges from 0 to 5.

Besides this adjustment, the repair feature is also helpful and suitable for defective or lost elements in removing the image background. Specifically, you will select an area of the same color as the area you want to adjust, and then you will fill in the color there. You will continue to perform this feature with areas such as skin or clothing. Then you’ve got yourself a quality photo with the background completely gone.


In Background Eraser, users will be able to share their work quickly, and of course, the ideal format for storing it is JPEG with an utterly white background. This feature is handy when users can use these photos themselves and add them to other ones. So you will need to use more than two applications to create an awe-inspiring product.

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