You may fight alongside your angels in Battle Angels Mod APK and triumph in every conflict!

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App Name Battle Angels
Publisher Mentha X Games
Genre Strategy
Size 152M
Latest Version 1.85
MOD Info Free Rewards
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Battle Angels is a tower-defense-themed game where the player will join the angels to fight the enemies that appear and protect the target. You will play with other players and compete for results through each level. At the same time, you will collect a certain number of cards, and each card has different properties. In addition, you will try to collect as many cards as possible to upgrade the ones you already have.

Battle Angels: Online Defence


In Battle Angels, players will spend time exploring tower-defense gameplay with awe-inspiring graphics that you cannot ignore. It can attract many players’ attention in the first experience, meeting many different characters. So, you will meet many angels with various skills and confront the enemies that gradually appear. After a while, their boss will appear that you must stop.

The game screen is divided into two areas with the same design. Their design includes a place for angels to be summoned and a path for enemies to move on. Also, at the end of the path, that’s the character you need to protect. So when the enemy attacks the target, then you will be the loser. Two identical areas will be for two players to compete against each other and try to be the last survivor to win the level.

Battle Angels: Online Defence Battle Angels: Online Defence


At the bottom of the Battle Angels screen, players will see a card system along with the energy they will use. Energy will be increased over time, corresponding to the enemies you can defeat. Of course, this will be the stage where you have to pay attention and choose the right strategy because the path that the monster travels on is concise to set up a powerful battle system. In addition, you will summon battle characters with the amount of energy you have.

New characters will appear on the field, and the distance will not affect the character’s attack. So, when standing anywhere, they can also attack the enemy to stop their progress. Also, you will summon a character similar to the one on the field over time because your card count is limited to merging two characters into one. The number of stars will increase, and the power will also be expanded to defeat the enemy.

Battle Angels: Online Defence Battle Angels: Online Defence Battle Angels: Online Defence


An interesting point that you will love about Battle Angels is that you collect characters with cute looks. As you participate in several levels and complete some quests, new characters will appear before your eyes. You can unlock new characters and some accompanying cards. At the bottom of each card, that’s the number of cards you have and need to upgrade your character’s stats. This mechanism is completely common in many titles where you will spend time upgrading their characters.

Character upgrades make perfect sense as you’ll be going up against other players in a PVP match to see who survives longer. Therefore, whichever side’s character is stronger and more effective will completely win. In addition, the regular enemies are not as scary as the boss introduced at the beginning of each level when it will have more health than usual. The game also allows you to play the game with your friends.

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