Mod Apk has a gameplay similar to Among Us and introduces new character classes that you cannot ignore. The variety of character classes will help the strategy in the game screen become diverse.

You can put on any clothes, hats and pets (in the main menu, go to the closet and click on the “USE” button that appears).

App Name
Publisher End Game Interactive, Inc
Genre Strategy
Size 150M
Latest Version 1.1.7
MOD Info Unlocked Items
Get it On Google Play owns a tactical war where a collection of many character classes continuously cancel each other. They all have their tasks to complete to win the level and take advantage of the characteristics of the environment to move correctly. Also, in some cases, you can meet with players to vote for players acting strange, and you need to be careful with your voting.


In, players will experience gameplay similar to Among Us, and dangers can appear. So you will need to move carefully, and of course, you will receive a specific mission in this game. You will see impressive graphics and discover the fun this game offers with other players. At the same time, the player does not have too much difficulty in controlling.

The environment of this game is a 2D environment where the player will control the character with two hands, and of course, you can interact with some specific elements. These elements will often stand out from the rest so that you can quickly identify them. So, there will not be too many different factors for those who have experienced the game Among Us, and they need to approach a new character line and try to win the level.


When you step inside, players will find different factions and have completely diverse missions when you step inside. So, the level is only won when they do their job well, and of course, anyone doesn’t know what class the people around are in. You’ll need to be vigilant during your moves, and of course, going with a lot of people is usually safer because if you’re down, other players will still find you.

You will need to pay attention to one point that your view will sometimes obscure some corners. When you go to an environment, you will see some dark areas and become clearer as you move closer, so dark locations will suit the enemy’s ambushes. At the same time, you also need to know the characteristics of the place you go to to escape in some cases easily. There will be common dangers that you need to pay attention to.

As you move and complete your mission, some element of surprise will appear, and these are the dangers that cause the level to end faster. These are the concerns that everyone needs to pay attention to or take advantage of to win. At the same time, if a large arrow appears during the game, it is a sign of a dangerous problem that needs to be solved quickly. So it brings rush and tension in the game.


Everyone has a certain role inside, and anyone can be their enemy, so players will need to figure out how to find the enemy or take down the enemy. An effective way is often to hide your identity and vote with other players to destroy a specific object. At the same time, if the number of votes is high, then surely that goal will force to stop the level, and depending on the character class, this vote will have different meanings.

The game introduces three character classes: crewmates, betrayers, sheriff, and jester. Crewmates and sheriffs are often allies and try to find traitors disguised as crewmates. At the same time, the sheriff can protect the crewmates but can disappear with them if the votes are incorrect. You can also play the role of a jester and choose to trick people so they can vote for you, and if successful, the level will end quickly.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off of the whole levels where the character’s role is always a mystery:

  • You will be traveling with other players and not knowing their character class; the ultimate goal is to win for you.
  • Each character class has its roles, such as completing assigned tasks or finding ways to destroy other opponents in their game screen.
  • Some dark areas can become dangerous or safe places, and dangers can be struck at any time by a class of characters in the game.
  • When an anomaly is discovered, players will gather together to give votes and vote results that affect the character classes in the game.
  • The game introduces new character classes that can help crewmates or trick other players into voting for a quick win.
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