Bio Inc. Redemption : Plague vs Doctor Simulator
Bio Inc. Redemption : Plague vs Doctor Simulator
Bio Inc. Redemption : Plague vs Doctor Simulator
Bio Inc. Redemption : Plague vs Doctor Simulator
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  • Get rewards without watching ads!
App NameBio Inc. Redemption
PublisherDryGin Studios
Latest Version0.80.358
MOD InfoFree Rewards
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Bio Inc. Redemption is a life-and-death game where the player makes the patient’s illness disappear or worsen. Each side has the same mechanics, but their work will be different when choosing Life or Death. At the same time, you can take the time to diagnose and choose the right treatment for the character with a complex disease system. Indeed many challenges are waiting for you ahead.


Players see the competition between Life and Death vividly and realistically presented in Bio Inc. Redemption when choosing to take any side they want. At the same time, you will see two images of a doctor and a god of Death representing the two sides, and you will begin the process of choosing sides and going through different tutorial levels. Of course, the interface of these two levels will be the same that you will easily recognize.

You will see the whole physical body of the character, and you can choose to look at it to see the body parts. At the same time, on the left side, there will be the parameters of the body parts, and the parts with flashing lights will signal that the part is sick. Its readings will constantly be changing, and you will need to prevent or worsen the symptoms in these parts. That brings up the difference between the two factions.


For Bio Inc. Redemption’s Life tutorial, the player will play as a doctor and meet a patient first. He has lung, immune, and muscle problems that you can easily see. At the same time, there will appear some elements like viruses that you can click on to collect bio points in some parts. Bio points are necessary materials for you to fulfill your diagnostic and therapeutic requirements. Of course, this element will have the opposite function on the side of the Death tutorial.

You will have a bio map and observe the parts associated with the symbols of the disease. In other words, these are possible scenarios for the patient, and you will take the time to diagnose them. You can easily choose the corresponding diagnostic method, consuming a certain amount of bio points. This consumption continues as you go through treatment once it is known that two diseases in the bio map are causing the patient’s condition.

You can easily upgrade some assistive features to make your diagnosis and treatment more manageable, and they often revolve around bio points. At the same time, after you have cured the character’s symptoms in Life, you will switch to Death. You will meet a healthy character with all stats reaching 100%, so you will use the bio map to make certain parts have problems and become worse.


After you have gained specific knowledge of saving or aggravating a medical condition in Bio Inc. Redemption, you will begin your journey to perform the tasks in the game. You can easily find daily quests to solve and get your rewards right after. At the same time, an interesting point that sometimes makes you have to play in both factions because that the daily quest will ask you to choose the Death stage or Life stage and complete them.

When you are confident about your skills in this game, there will be different modes for you to experience. One of them is the World Tour, and you can interpret it as an extensive campaign. After a certain period, the location you go to will change, and you will go there to complete the task that the game stage assigns. You will continue to increase your skills overtime to help your healing effect.

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