Bluecoins Finance will help everyone in managing their spending correctly. The application will record all the data about the funds, and you can control your financial situation.

App NameBluecoins Finance
PublisherMabuhay Software
Latest Version12.7.0-11644
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Bluecoins Finance will help those who are having a little difficulty in daily money management. Money has become an essential part of everyone and especially extremely important for unstable circumstances. In order to have a stable life, they must learn how to spend wisely, and this application will help you balance all the money most reasonably.

Bluecoins Finance: Budget, Money & Expense ManagerBluecoins Finance: Budget, Money & Expense Manager


Money management has never been easy because not everyone can learn how to spend everything properly, so Bluecoins Finance has become a tool to support you. So that users do not have difficulty in using it, the manufacturer has designed the interface to be as simple and easy to see as possible. Your first thing as a beginner is to enter some data about your expenses like your monthly income or salary. After completion, all information will be saved and displayed on the screen with a reasonable layout.


In addition to some basic information, you also have to provide some additional expenses such as living expenses, electricity or shopping costs and more. The application will begin to summarize all the data for analysis, then calculate to give a chart for you to observe easily. Every time you spend something, the app will deduct it, and everything will be recorded carefully. As a result, you will be in control of your spending so that you can come up with careful methods of spending money.

Bluecoins Finance: Budget, Money & Expense ManagerBluecoins Finance: Budget, Money & Expense Manager


At the end of the month, Bluecoins Finance will automatically bring the data it has to create a pdf statistics table for users to understand more easily. This statistic will list in detail the money you have used in the last month. You know the amount of money and know what you spend it on and what you use it for. In addition, you can also share these data via email to your friends or family for them to read together or print it out to store in your archives.


If you are worried that someone accidentally discovered it with such an application for privacy purposes, it will not be safe at all. Then do not worry because the application also integrates high-security features so that you can lock your application and avoid the curiosity of others. You just need to choose to lock with a password or fingerprint, and the application will be locked immediately.

Bluecoins Finance: Budget, Money & Expense Manager


  • The application will be an effective supporter to turn you into an exceptional financial manager.
  • All your financial or budget expenditures will be used in a really effective way.
  • The parameters will be recorded and reported to users through detailed report statistics.
  • Your money will be stored in the best way, bringing very high savings for the family.
  • The application’s security is always put on top with effective security methods.
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