Blur Photo Editor is a new-generation editor with outstanding features and functions in helping users achieve the desired results, just like pictures taken directly from the DSLR cameras.

App NameBlur Photo Editor
Latest Version5.5.2
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Blur Photo Editor introduces everyone to the most innovative and outstanding photo editing capabilities as it uses high-quality and high-end technologies to deliver impressive results. That includes changes in photography or editing to make the main content stand out. Its many features are also superior and can simulate a high-quality DSLR camera under multiple editing or similar processes to bring out the best photos.

Blur Photo Editor -Blur image background like DSLRBlur Photo Editor -Blur image background like DSLR


Blur Photo Editor’s interface is the first to make the user experience complete and greatly impact their long-term interactions across multiple categories. The general design of the interface also has a lot of fun and automatically categorizes every function or category properly so that everyone has the best user experience. Personal customization of the interface is also helpful for people to quickly adapt the interface or library for smoother progress than usual.


It is easy to change a photo’s focus to help users focus on the main content, such as objects or characters at any distance. The great thing is that the system will allow people to customize the blur so that things can stand out in different ways and even change the background easily. The wide range of focus options is also innovative and will always open up new possibilities for anyone to edit photos dynamically or efficiently under various processes.


Changing the background in Blur Photo Editor is one of simplicity thanks to the system’s built-in AIs and dynamic fine-tuning. The system will automatically scan through and filter many different layers, and users can change the background with options available in the library or import from outside. The background editing is also detailed and will help every photo become complete and high quality and surprises the user with the meticulous editor and background changer refined by the AIs.

Blur Photo Editor -Blur image background like DSLRBlur Photo Editor -Blur image background like DSLR


Visual effects are the best choice if users want all of their photos to be unique and stand out with various themes. The assortment of effects is also unsurpassed and convenient, with a refined search system, so everyone always has the right effects for their photos or videos. Many effects also have simple variations or customizations to make all their photos exotic and add a lot of new beauty so that viewers always have positive reviews.


Besides effects, filters are the additions that make every user’s photo unique and refined with novel and stylish colors. Almost every content is youthful and energetic, including specific or prominent emotions that each user loves. Many customizations or variations also have depth and will always leave an indescribable feeling for users when they can perfectly apply many filters or content.


The blurring of contents or objects in Blur Photo Editor can be done manually by the user without negative change. The nice thing is that the blur can be changed with certain areas, making the photo or video more eye-catching on individual frames or more. The tools also have impressive variations and can be changed regularly to suit different photos or themes that users can use widely in pictures or videos.

Blur Photo Editor is one of the leading applications in helping users have high-quality photos by blurring many objects in the frame. User personalizations can also resonate with each other and help work progress to be significantly accelerated and bring about the most outstanding results.

Blur Photo Editor -Blur image background like DSLRBlur Photo Editor -Blur image background like DSLR


  • An elegant and well-designed interface with smooth interactions and an eye-catching layout for every feature, category, and other item with an excellent setup.
  • Changes the pictures’ focus easily with the slider and even adjusts or selects the target while letting the AI do the work by blurring or emphasizing the main content.
  • Swaps the background effortlessly thanks to the built-in AI and its assistance to help users change the location or import new background from the library.
  • Tons of eye-catching and exceptional visual effects to turn users’ pictures into masterpieces while packing some simple or elegant customizations.
  • Different lenses for photo shooting and other features for enhancement to improve the camera quality similar to the DLSR’s equipment.
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