Brain Out Mod APK is a free challenging puzzle game that features a variety of tough brain teasers and diverse riddles to test your mind’s abilities.

App NameBrain Out
PublisherFocus apps
Latest Version2.2.3
MOD InfoUnlimited Hints
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Today’s puzzle games either stick to logic or create novel styles to entertain players with novel functions and mechanics. However, some games go against the common senses and create many new things to entertain players. One of them is Brain Out, which belongs to the puzzle genre but makes players surprised most of the time. Besides, it also adds many new things, and players have to think outside the box to complete all the challenges that come from it. What’s great is that the game also has a strong community of players, and that’s where new and impressive content regularly comes out.

Brain Out – Can you pass it?Brain Out – Can you pass it?


The highlight of Brain Out is all its absurd puzzles, and they don’t follow any rules, even making players angry or confused because when they try to apply logic to them. However, the simple way to overcome all the puzzles is simple: to have endless creativity or be innocent like a child. All puzzles in the game are designed to be simple as it only uses humorous hand-drawn drawings, along with special hints for players to recognize the solution. Not only that, but each puzzle contains a lot of interaction, and players will always be surprised by the simplest steps they have never thought of. However, based on the player’s progress, their difficulty will gradually increase, and its absurdity will be taken to new heights and make their mind blown.


There are many reasons why the game is so widely loved and enjoyed by all ages; it all revolves around the relaxation and humor it brings to players. Its absurdity can become one of the new motivations for players when each sentence contains many surprises or new things that they have never experienced before. Not only that, but each content has many special elements, which improve the player’s mood or give them a little joy when continuously completing puzzles with good results. Depending on the player’s imagination throughout this game, they will discover many other amazing things that make the game famous and famous.


Some of the puzzles in Brain Out are constructed in a novel and no-brain way; even some of the content of the answers are visible in front of the player. Of course, everything can be easily solved when the player thinks outside the box, including taking advantage of all the hints or paying attention to the questions available on the screen. Also, some puzzles introduce a few additional objects, create a lot of distraction for the player, and it’s up to them to solve the puzzles. In addition to the development of puzzles, players can use a few special functions such as continuous hints to turn to the answer if they give up. All puzzles in the game support this feature, and players will have different ways to get more hints for each puzzle.

Brain Out – Can you pass it?Brain Out – Can you pass it?


The game has many absurd puzzles, but it has a solid and relaxing community of players, where people can come to relax or chat with other people. Best of all, it also has a separate area for players to design their puzzles and post their imaginations to create the premise for new puzzles. The game’s evolution is endless, and it always takes advantage of the many possibilities outside the box to give players impressive and entertaining puzzles. Best of all, it can use various striking colors, thereby making puzzles more vivid and creative. Every game content has a great contribution from the community, and players can feel free to submit their ideas to entertain other players.


The greatness of Brain Out is not only in its ridiculous gameplay and puzzles, but the sounds and other elements are extraordinary and captivating, creating feelings of relaxation and comfort for players when continuously immersed in puzzles. Moreover, everything becomes more vivid and relaxing when enjoying the game with headphones. The game will also add more functions to customize the look or sound in the personal customization of the player. All the essence of gameplay depends on many factors, and even the sound or look of the game has a big role in the entire player’s experience.

The absurdity of Brain Out always makes players surprised by their puzzles or hints; some challenges even cause players to become headaches because the answer is always in front of them. Besides, it will raise the player’s gameplay experience to new heights thanks to the sounds and simple and relaxing puzzles. If you want to find new elements from a puzzle game, the game will be an appropriate choice.

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