Breethe is a wellness app with over 1500 meditations, music, and various other therapies. The methods are researched and given by leading experts. In addition, the application allows downloading music for offline use

App NameBreethe – Meditation & Sleep
GenreHealth & Fitness
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Nowadays, each of us is subjected to a great deal of pressure in our daily lives, which is why Breethe was founded with the purpose of protecting everyone’s health. Users can choose from a number of different approaches to get the most out of it, and it is taught by prominent specialists in the field of education.

Breethe – Meditation & Sleep AppBreethe – Meditation & Sleep App


It is an application that allows users to unwind after dealing with the stresses of everyday life. More than 1500 meditations, relaxing music, stories, and healthy imagery are available to help users reduce stress, be happier, and live a healthier lifestyle. This program is appropriate for people of all ages, and it assists people in maintaining balance and healing their spirits.


Breethe has simple and close features that make it easy for everyone to use. Besides, the installation of applications and phones helps users to carry it anywhere, anytime. You can also download therapy sessions to listen to offline and use whenever you feel stressed. It is like a tranquilizer to help people have better health

Breethe – Meditation & Sleep AppBreethe – Meditation & Sleep App


If you are having trouble sleeping or experiencing stress, feeling pressured by life, this app will help you feel more comfortable. With 1500 meditations, bedtime stories, hypnotherapy sessions, talks, and audios written by leading experts in the field of psychology, you can rest assured and count on these treatments.

With Breethe, Health, mental, and sleep problems are all solved by meditation, therapy sessions, or other methods. These treatments are all given by leading experts. Application as a sedative to help people heal the wounds caused by life pressure

Breethe – Meditation & Sleep AppBreethe – Meditation & Sleep App


  • This is an application to help take care of health, users can reduce stress afterlife pressures and feel happier.
  • The application is convenient for users with simple features, and can also download music for offline use.
  • There are many treatment methods such as meditation, listening to music, listening to stories, breathing exercises, etc.
  • The treatments are all researched and given by leading experts, so users can be assured of the quality.
  • It is a dose of medicine suitable for everyone, of all ages and can be used anywhere
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