Bridge Constructor Mod APK is a fun construction simulation game. Your goal is to build strong enough bridges to withstand the weight of vehicles.

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App NameBridge Constructor
PublisherClockStone STUDIO
Latest Version11.6
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Unlocked, Menu
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Bridge Constructor is a simulation game with a unique strategy and puzzle style; you will build bridges from primitive to mighty on many difficult terrains to make the traffic of vehicles safer. You will use your positional observation and clever knowledge to solve puzzles. You will use all the resources you have to build a strong bridge and complete the mission while ensuring the weight of a vehicle can pass.

Bridge Constructor


If you are someone who likes to build structures and mechanics, then Bridge Constructor is an excellent game for you. In this game, you will have to prove that you are a perfect bridge builder with a wide variety of materials, put to the test with cars and trucks, and unlock new, more challenging levels to challenge yourself.

You will be testing your construction skills on other terrains such as valleys, canals, mountains, beaches,… Your bridge must hold the weight of different types of traffic, or If the bridge collapses, you will fail. This is the best puzzle game with high-quality logic for you to show your skill thinking in bridge building.

Bridge Constructor


You will play as an employee of the total natural information research laboratory in Bridge Constructor and perform the task of building bridges and ramps in the allotted time of 60 minutes. When building a bridge, you need to take into account a number of factors such as the material (wood, steel, concrete poles, cables), the points of support for the bridge, or how much weight the bridge will be able to bear. It is possible to build a solid bridge. This game has an online leaderboard based on your achievements that you can follow and share your score on Facebook to show off to your friends.

In addition, you must also purchase materials that fit your construction budget. The selection of different materials will give you a lot of personal disarming, and you can build beautiful bridges with the budget you own. This game will help you develop your imagination and creativity ideally. Especially if you have no idea, you can get helpful advice from the system.

Bridge Constructor


Bridge Constructor has added 18 new levels on three different islands. You will take on a mission in the island group “Choonited Kingdom” and build huge bridges that can withstand the huge weight of trains with passenger trains or heavy freight trains.

Bridge Constructor


In the SlopeMania add-on, you will find yourself in the Tiltin archipelago, which has three brand new islands with unique quests in colorful caves, giving you unforgettable experiences. The game offers 24 difficulty levels that require you to design and use ramps lanes to overcome huge disparities. You must be courageous and have creative thinking or optimal solutions to overcome the crazy levels in the game.

Bridge Constructor


At every level of play, the beautifully designed idyllic landscape will melt the player’s heart with its realistic and close-to-life tracks, giving you the chance to become a trustworthy builder. If you fail, you will witness the scene of the bridge collapsing and the cars falling down as well simulated perfectly. Also, you have to collect skills and retry levels to enjoy a great game.

Bridge Constructor


  • 40 brain hack bridge building levels for you to experience, test your bridge-building skills with different materials and put cars and trucks to the test, unlocking the next levels.
  • 2 exciting game modes: free build mode with a manageable increasing budget that requires you to calculate flexibly, game mode with a system that helps when you are out of ideas to provide smart solutions bright.
  • 4 main building materials, including wood, steel, cable, concrete pillars, and three types of transport such as car, truck, van, and train for you to demonstrate your creative bridge-building skills.
  • Diverse and increasingly difficult missions require you to use logic and skill to break records in your conquest. You must use the resources at your disposal to ensure that the weight of a vehicle can pass safely.
  • Areas to play: city, canyon, beach, mountain,… for you to explore and adapt to each challenging structure of the game. Moving on to these locations will also be complicated, so you need to be careful to be able to build the most properly.
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