Broken Universe Mod APK brings fun monster-slaying battles with constantly changing strategies.

App Name Broken Universe
Publisher Jinthree Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 1GB
Latest Version 1.0.9
MOD Info Money, Free Rewards
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Broken Universe is one of the most legendary titles regarding defense strategy. If you are a fan of good strategy or looking to discover new strategies, this is a perfect choice. When you set foot in this world, you will be faced with the most ferocious monsters, from soldiers to bosses. You and they have sworn enemies. Both sides are always in a state of attack or defense only.

Broken Universe: Tower Defense


First of all, players will have access to defensive turrets. At first, it was just a simple turret, small and unsafe. It is because of this that has set you an important task. I want to mention here the building of increasingly powerful and solid turrets. You have to do so because the turret is the base for the player to take refuge. At the same time, you can also destroy the enemies in your turret, depending on your strategy.

Broken Universe: Tower Defense


In addition, this is also known as a paradise of frequently changed strategies. Specifically, players can perform blocking all the way to help monsters escape with a special wall. Or even the fact that you can stalk monsters behind the safest tower. Not stopping there, you can also lead the monster in the chase down the long fire cave in your possession. Without playing your own way with turrets and walls, what are you waiting for?

Broken Universe: Tower Defense


Universe also favors you with the most impressive graphics system. Therefore, when you come here, you will be surprised with admiring eyes when witnessing the sparkling planets designed with unique colors on earth. Not stopping there, we also give you a new pleasure when you can kill monsters individually or kill them in groups. One of our suggestions is to bring them all into a dark corner and light them on fire. Which strategy are you more interested in?

Broken Universe: Tower Defense


  • The appearance of monsters from small scale to giant scale is an indispensable factor.
  • Immerse yourself in dharma towers from the most unstable to the most solid to create new strategies.
  • Unlimited strategic change is the most vital point attracting millions of players on the planet.
  • The noble task of destroying as many monsters as possible with many malicious but equally fun plots.
  • Turrets are the soul of this game when they can both keep you safe and trap enemies.
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