App NameBus Simulator PRO 2
PublisherMageeks Apps & Games
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Latest Version1.7
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Bus Simulator PRO 2 is a simulation game where the player will drive a bus and perform all related activities. You will take the time to complete the activities on a bus route and make sure there are no problems. At the same time, you will also increase your driving skills and reach the required area accurately during the game. There are sure to be many locations and types of buses that will catch your attention.

Bus Simulator PRO 2


In Bus Simulator PRO 2, players will spend time experiencing a realistic city that you will quickly see when performing the gameplay. Specifically, the players will have the task of driving a bus and going through locations located in a city route to pick up guests on time. They will also experience an environment typical of simulation games as there will be a variety of vehicles and traffic lights that players will need to consider.

Bus Simulator PRO 2

You will control the car with two hands in the default third-person perspective. Besides the default viewing angle, you can change the viewing angle depending on your driving preferences and ensure that you do not collide with the surrounding elements. In particular, you still have to follow specific rules, and it is similar to real life. For example, you will need to stop the car if you see a red light, and all passengers who get on the bus must buy a ticket, and that is the amount of money you can earn in this game.


Once you know the controls of Bus Simulator PRO 2, you will begin to experience your first pick-ups. You will see yourself parking at the starting point, and there is a blue effect. Every time you see this effect, your perspective change, and the bus door opening features appear. Also, for this to happen, you will need to park your vehicle correctly in the required area.

Bus Simulator PRO 2

The guests will board your bus, and they will be forced to buy a ticket. You will see the amount they purchased, the payment amount, and the amount you need to pay back. This process will need to be done as quickly as possible. In this game, you complete your work well and adhere to the time; you will receive some money after completing a bus route. You will need to pay attention to the time located on the right side of the screen.

You will see places on a line on the map, but it will not take you too long to find them. It will be visible on the map. The job that you need to do is to do it perfectly correctly and without any problems on the road. The mistakes you encounter on the road will all be deducted and combined with the fact that you complete the bus route past time, the amount you will receive will not be much.

Bus Simulator PRO 2


When you experience a driving simulation game like Bus Simulator PRO 2, indeed, anyone will have many desires. Players will be able to experience many different locations, and all of the new ones have their own set of challenges that you need to overcome. At the same time, you also know many types of buses with different designs and lengths during the game. You will need to adapt to these characteristics when driving.

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