Camera Translator provides a new translation tool with text, image, and voice translation features. The application makes it easier for you to study and work with many updated languages.

App NameCamera Translator
Latest Version2.0.3
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Camera Translator is a convenient translation app to assist you in moving from one language to another. With the new image and voice translation features, no language barrier can stop you now.

Camera Translator: Photo, TextCamera Translator: Photo, Text


This is a featured feature of Camera Translator. The user operation that needs to be performed is straightforward. There are two ways you can translate images. First, you can select the camera icon and bring the rear camera into the text area to be translated. The system will scan the image, and only 1 second later, you have the target text for the translation right away. The second way is to upload a previously taken image, and similarly, the system will scan and publish the translation immediately for you.

Camera Translator: Photo, TextCamera Translator: Photo, Text


Users will click on the microphone icon and play the sound with the voice translation feature. The system will certainly filter out the noise and record the speech in the language you choose. Interestingly, this feature is the ability to translate whether it is a local accent or a non-standard intonation. The system will correct itself and display the most accurate translations without being affected by them.


Currently, the application has been updated in many languages globally to support you at all times and in all cases. All you need to do is download the language. Text translation is already a familiar feature for all translation apps. In this application, the system allows you to paste the source text for translation and copy the target text after it has been translated. Users are not limited to a translation copyright term at all. This will be the most suitable application for studying and working in a multilingual environment.

Camera Translator: Photo, TextCamera Translator: Photo, Text


  • Application as a translator to help convert one language to another, quickly and conveniently
  • Scan into the text area to be translated or upload an image to the translation frame to perform image translation. 1s later, the translation result will be displayed
  • Tap the microphone icon to start voice translation. The system automatically selects speech according to the language of your choice without being affected by noise, slang, or dialect
  • Convenient text translation allows you to paste texts from other applications and copy the translated results
  • Update many languages to support translation anytime, anywhere with multi-language
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