CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD is a game for those who love animals and want to form an army to fight against the dark forces. You will be the leader to carry out the mission.

  • Free upgrade robot
  • Free upgrade archer
App Name CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD
Publisher Dino Go
Genre Strategy
Size 51M
Latest Version 3.13.0
MOD Info Free Upgrades
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This is a strategy game full of attractive elements along with dramatic battles that promise to bring you the best experience. Your opponents are always lurking and trying to invade the main kingdom, so you can’t let them run wild, but you need to lead an army to fight them all. Players will need to use smart strategies when performing missions here.

CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD


Coming to CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD, you will need to transform into the most talented commander to be able to lead your animal army towards where the opponent is raging. Your very peaceful kingdom was dragged by the dark empire and harmed the people here, so you will be great hope to save the land from their evil and stop them before they destroy them all.

The mission begins when the player reaches the first level, and you will use the actions on the screen to control everything. However, to be able to fight against such powerful opponents, you need to equip your character with the accessories given by the game and use your skills to start new missions. Besides, you will be provided with accessories with unique features and attached to the fighting robot to create the most powerful attacks.

CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD


With attractive gameplay, you will surely be adventured into new battles, where thousands of exciting things are waiting. Besides, weapons are one of the essential items indispensable to be able to win, so the game will give you the necessary items to be able to equip and participate in the arena. In this game, you will use archers to attack enemies, so use your full ability to aim accurately at them.

This is a game with a tactical element, so it requires you to develop your strategies to deal with the enemy easily. In addition, your warriors will, in turn, attack and defeat the entire evil empire, so you need to support them throughout the course of the game. In addition, players can upgrade their characters to increase their strength and gain more confidence to destroy them all.

CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD


The game will constantly give you new challenges, so be careful to win. You will go through many different levels and face a series of dangers as the difficulty gradually increases to create more challenges for players. However, you will meet new characters as you continue to accompany legendary generals as you progress to higher levels.

Besides, challenges and traps will appear that requires you to stay focused to deal with enemies and overcome new goals. In addition, the game will give you generals with mysterious powers and unique skills to help your army fight against the wicked. In addition, you will own new generals to use in battles.

CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD


CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD gives you the exciting experience of offering a series of extreme arenas that require you to bring out your full potential. Enemies are increasingly rampant in the kingdom as they gradually spread danger and frighten the people, so the only way to end it all is to destroy them all quickly.

Besides, the game will provide you with 20 different enemies, including dogs, spiders, scorpions, catapults, and more, so you will be immersed intense moments when you always have to find a way to fight with dangerous enemies. In addition, players can collect new materials to create weapons with significant damage and hidden new magical powers.

CatnRobot Idle Defense Grow TD


  • Adventure into the animal kingdom, where you will lead an army to fight with a series of mighty warriors to be able to fight the dark forces and show your strength through large arenas.
  • Start the mission with very thrilling battles, and players will need to take advantage of intelligent tactics to survive in this game; you will be able to use weapons to support combat.
  • Attractive gameplay with simple operations to help you easily control and fight with warriors, besides the game will provide you with the necessary accessories to equip the character.
  • Using intelligent tactics to overcome the challenges in this game while taking advantage of the arsenal of high damage weapons to destroy the enemy, players will face more challenges in the following levels.
  • Go through many different game modes and meet legendary generals, they will help your warriors fight, plus players can also collect new materials to make weapons.
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