Chaotic War 3: Legendary army is known as a giant strategy game when you are given control of unique heroes. Facing them are tons of dangerous zombies and legendary monsters.

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds

(use them even don’t have enough)

App Name Chaotic War 3: Legendary army
Publisher Moon Night Game
Genre Strategy
Size 66M
Latest Version 3.3.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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If you wish to own an army of heroes, then Chaotic War 3: Legendary army is the true love for you. Here, players are free to devise intelligent strategies based on long experience on the battlefield. Not only that, the weapons of dozens of heroic characters are ready to join the battle when ordered from you. Besides, there are also resource and gold mining missions revolving around battles with hordes of obnoxious zombies and dangerous monsters.

Chaotic War 3: Legendary army


When you arrive in this impressive world, you will be surprised to witness the appearance of more than 50 heroes worthy of battle. Each character has their own special skills. It will become an effective arm for the player when resisting the enemy’s attack and performing the task of protecting his army and base. However, it is also a double-edged sword when everything will return to zero if you do not apply that skill correctly in each case.

Swordsmen and knights have fought with some of history’s greatest heroes. Armed with razor-sharp swords and unafraid of death, they plunged into combat with determination. With such powerful soldiers in your possession, there is nothing better than being in command of them. However, there are many more wonderful things in store for you, from blacksmith heroes to gladiators and equally formidable assassins, all of them are waiting for you.

Chaotic War 3: Legendary army


Everything has not stopped there; Chaotic War 3 also gives players exceptional support from natural factors. These are the children of mother nature with extraordinary strength. We now provide you with control over your actions. Not to mention is floodwater or fire that burns all enemies instantly. Not stopping there, we also have the appearance of thunder and night.


In order for the hero of your choice to win, Chaotic War 3 also allows players to upgrade and customize the heroes freely. With more than 150 increasingly difficult missions according to different levels, players will be challenged to overcome. The fruit of these challenges is that your hero can be evolved to a new level.

When coming to Chaotic War 3, players will hold all the power to control and control the hero’s combat actions. In each unit created by you, every hero obeys orders from his superior, which is you. In addition to fighting zombies with monsters that constantly follow you from corporations to compete with you for territory, we also bring players other impressive missions. The most prominent resource mining is gold.

Chaotic War 3: Legendary army


Addictive challenges that make you unable to leave this world for even a moment. Hundreds of highly eye-catching battles on unique graphics along with many diverse fields and battlefields. Your hero can learn different skills from using swords and spears to tactics in using bows and spells. You become the head of a powerful army of heroes, ready to sacrifice to gain territory, not to let others invade.

  • Enter the battle to seize the opportunity to exercise maximum control over the actions of the hero of the army.
  • Constantly upgrading power and weapons after winning over 150 missions.
  • Go on a quest to mine gold to build the foundation for the hero’s future improvement.
  • Learn skills with weapons like swords, spears, and bows to compete with your opponents.
  • Facing you is the presence of zombies and monsters in the war for territory.
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