City of Crime gives players the experience of the life of a gangster. Gun battles, bank robberies, or lavish life in nightclubs and casinos will be new experiences.

App Name City of Crime: Gang Wars
Publisher FingerFun Limited.
Genre Strategy
Size 546M
Latest Version 1.0.125
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When watching movies about gangsters, have you ever thought about what it would be like to become a gangster one day?? City of Crime allows you to live the life of a brother and sister in the underworld. From a small gangster, develop your power and make your name. Form your gang and become a notorious gangster in the area. Join the gang purges with the gangsters of other regions. Get your friends together to experience life in the underworld!

City of Crime: Gang Wars


Players will transform into a gangster bosses. In this country, the social situation is very chaotic; crime is more and more rampant every day. Choose your favorite character from the collection of character designs. All is possible if you want to make a scarface, godfather, big brother or boss, etc. Build a character image that looks cool and has the gangster vibe. At the same time, build your gang by collecting juniors, and they will help your clan grow stronger. Build the crime city to your liking by constructing buildings in the name of gangsters.

City of Crime: Gang Wars


The land has been divided into activities by regions. Therefore, there will be many disputes to expand the area. Purge wars are fought with preparation every day. Upgrade your weapons such as guns, daggers, etc. The more modern weapons, the stronger the damage. Standing in front of the battles, with the brothers’ help in the clan, you will win!

City of Crime: Gang Wars


Every day, commit robberies in your sports convertible. Go with your clan brethren to cause trouble everywhere. Protection, debt collection, fighting, etc., are activities that can be done together. Days of trouble, nights of pleasure, is the typical life of a gangster. Every night, take your juniors to casinos or all-night discos. City of Crime is a strange but exciting world for everyone!

City of Crime: Gang Wars


  • Experience the life of a gangster for the first time in this tactical role-playing game.
  • Real-time 3D graphics. Special combat effects with refinement in visual and sound design.
  • Become a tycoon with your favorite character, form a faction, and take over a territory.
  • Every day looting, fighting, playing in casinos and discos is an experience worth trying once in a lifetime.
  • Join the battles for settlement with the gangsters in the vicinity. Winning will confirm your name.
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