App NameClipboard Pro
PublisherHDM Dev Team
Latest Version3.0.0
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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Clipboard Pro begins to do the job of remembering the information that is played as text copied by the user’s commands and transfers it to a large table for storage. This is great when you can enjoy working in a day without worrying about the problem of finding or retyping those content. Easy to use because of the simple design of the interface, you will also receive the latest updates on bug fixes in the new version.

Clipboard ProClipboard Pro


Quite diverse in the way it works, Clipboard Pro can be collapsed and enlarged according to your needs. To do this, the application develops a very convenient clipboard, and it does not take up too much space in the memory of the device. Provide a whiteboard with different tools, and users can see what they copy here. All operations are automatic, and you won’t spend much time with them.

Extremely useful for trips, you can store all the information here. It can be a card with the necessary tools for an outdoor party, or it also serves as a memo board for housewives to help them know what to buy when they go to the supermarket. Open to people of all ages, we develop a trial function, and you can start at any time!

Clipboard ProClipboard Pro


Users can launch Clipboard Pro on another app, have them overlap, and run side-by-side without fuss. This is also a beautiful feature of it. The process of automatically pasting the information you issue the command to write into the memory is a plus, and the confirmed information will be quickly displayed on the board. Possessing a powerful button, users can open and move the application where they want on the screen and open it faster to use.

If you’re worried about having to search through the vast amount of information Clipboard Pro stores, don’t worry about it, we have a pretty handy search bar, and you can use it. Just enter a few related words, and the information you need will appear. If you do not have time to filter them, the system will automatically set a date to delete them! Because of the ease of backing up, the information entered on the table is also easy to remove or delete.

Clipboard ProClipboard Pro


Clipboard Pro solved the problem of quickly remembering information without losing time or effort. The app’s presence in each device will do well as a companion notebook that can store all kinds of information and remind you of what to do. Extremely convenient and automatic, we will continue to make better updates when we receive your complaints!

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