Cop Watch Police Simulator is where players will experience the role of police in an extensive simulation world that you can interact with. Many quests will attract players that you can take on with a decent salary to buy what you like.

App NameCop Watch Police Simulator
Latest Version1.5.9
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Cop Watch Police Simulator is a simulation game where you will take on different duties of a policeman. You will be able to freely move inside the big world and do whatever you like. At the same time, the number of quests is completely varied that you can find and will provide a certain amount of money for you to use in the game. You can buy cars and cool skins for them.


The primary experience you find in Cop Watch Police Simulator is to transform into a police officer and perform the tasks you can get. At the same time, you are also fully equipped with vehicles and weapons so that you can freely use them at will or when you have interesting ideas. In addition, in a simulation world, you will find various elements that make your experience more realistic such as your driving fully detailed and optionally using the vehicle’s lights.

You will control the police character and can move to any location with different buttons. At the same time, he can also interact with elements present in that environment, such as civilians, cars parked on the road, and many more. In addition, you will be provided with a dedicated vehicle to move or can borrow other people’s vehicles to perform tasks. It all depends on your decision in the game.


When you experience Cop Watch Police Simulator, you will find two other types of experiences: open-world and mission. For the first mode, you will be able to drive to any location you want in the city. The world of this game will also be utterly realistic with environmental elements and full of vehicles. At the same time, the power you can do when driving a police car is that you will quickly stop any vehicle that you need when patrolling.

If you drive and start getting bored with the first experience, we start with the different missions. You will see a Star Mission button to receive requests for different missions. At the same time, some missions will be interconnected, like the tracking mission that requires you to borrow a civilian car to follow. In addition, you also know the targets that you need to check when they appear clearly on the map.

When you are a police officer, besides the vehicle specific to your profession, you also own different weapons. The number of weapons is completely diverse such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, and other guns that you can take out at any time. Therefore, they will support you to complete the task in the best way.


Each experience that you find in Cop Watch Police Simulator offers different benefits, and one of them is earning money as you do missions. This money is used to buy the cars you want to replace the default car you own. At the same time, eye-catching skins also catch your attention, and their number will also increase over time through the updates of the game.

A simulation world is waiting for players to explore with elements such as:

  • The police role completely engages players with the variety of roles and content they can explore.
  • Various environmental factors give you a real feeling of driving, and you can take advantage of what is on the car, such as warning lights.
  • The number of quests that you can get is wholly varied that you can complete with the help of some markers in the game.
  • The number of weapons that a police officer possesses is entirely diverse to help you quickly complete the task.
  • The money you earn through missions will be used to buy new cars and impressive skins for them.
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