Crime Coast HD Mod APK – Employ thugs, invade the territory of your enemies, and establish yourself as a legendary mobster in mafia warfare.

1. High Damage
2. God Mode

App Name Crime Coast HD
Publisher Brain Vault
Genre Strategy
Size 100M
Latest Version 333
MOD Info God Mode, High Damage
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Crime Coast attracts thugs and goons from the criminal underworlds of places such as Miami and Las Vegas. These individuals travel to Crime Coast in order to cause mayhem and raid rival gangs. Do you believe you have what it takes to become the most dreaded gangster in Crime Coast and face off against a Godfather in a mafia war?

Establish a mighty organization, secure the services of a henchman, and sign up with a criminal group. Then, assume leadership of your gang members as they engage in turf wars with other competing gangs, and get ready for complete and utter destruction. Put up barricades, start building your criminal city, and keep a watchful eye over the territory! You need to hire thugs so that you may help criminals get out of jail and build your criminal enterprise to the point where it can compete with that of your rivals. In order to reach the top of the criminal food chain, you will need to conduct raids inside enemy territory and destroy their cartel.

If the Mafia game you’re playing allows multiplayer, you and your friends can band together to create the most vicious criminal organization possible. A significant amount of money can be obtained by stealing valuable items such as gold, cash, or the blue that stops your heart. Get more armament for your crooks than Grand Theft Auto could shake a stick at, and then use your missile silo to take out the other crime organizations in the area. Players of Mafia Wars have the opportunity to form alliances with other criminals and rival cartels to bring down the most powerful gangster on the Crime Coast. Turn your pals against you and get them to spill the beans. It is not through kindness that godfathers of gangs get to their positions. Put the cartel’s most dangerous criminals in police cars or vans and drive them into the heart of the enemy stronghold to inflict maximum damage.

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