Degoo is an application that can give its users the ability to back up their cloud data for free. With safe storage with military switching protocol and a large capacity of up to 100GB, users will have a great experience.

App NameDegoo
PublisherDegoo Backup AB – Cloud
Latest Version1.57.175.221214
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Degoo will be an application that helps users have highly convenient and useful hosting experiences. If you are looking for an application that can store important personal data without occupying the device’s memory, this will be an application you cannot ignore. With this application, players will be able to store their essential images or documents completely for free with 100 GB.

Degoo: 100 GB Cloud StorageDegoo: 100 GB Cloud Storage


Applications using data storage will often be required by users with a high level of security to be achieved. And when you come to Degoo, all your data will be processed with military-grade encryption algorithms before uploading to the cloud with many different rigorous standards in place. So you won’t have to worry about your data being leaked when using the app.


In addition, users who need cloud storage capabilities will often have essential files and documents that need to be protected. Therefore, the application will provide its users with a huge storage capacity of 100 GB. Along with that, the application will also offer its users a very high level of trust when their data is stored in different safe copies.

Degoo: 100 GB Cloud StorageDegoo: 100 GB Cloud Storage


Have you ever considered putting your data on cloud storage but forgot to do it and lost important documents? This will never be possible again when users use Degoo with installed the system’s brilliant auto-storage ability. The application will scan and detect that the user has just taken a new photo or added a file, and the application will always ensure the ability to back them up in the fastest time.


In addition to the user will update his data to the cloud storage system, the application also prepares the user to download them. The application’s server will always be online to ensure the fast loading of user information whenever you need it. Along with that is the cloud storage method, so users will also be able to download their documents to any computer in the world if they want.

Degoo: 100 GB Cloud Storage


  • The application offers its users the ability to store their images or data for free with 100GB of space.
  • With military-grade encryption, algorithm conversion protocol before uploading to the cloud will always ensure the highest level of data security.
  • The data will not be lost with the feature of storing many different copies inside the application’s storage when the user searches.
  • The ability to automatically update and back up user data comes in handy when a new file or photo is added to the device.
  • The application will always ensure that the user’s data will be available to download to all the different computers around the world.
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