Demolition Derby Multiplayer is a racing game with a completely new style of play when now you no longer control your car to the finish line but use the weapons installed in the car to collide and knock down every opponent to win.

  • Unlimited Money
  • After starting the game, select Play as a guest.
App NameDemolition Derby Multiplayer
PublisherDestruction Crew
Latest Version1.4.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Demolition Derby Multiplayer with entirely new gameplay gives you a real tank arena with a thrilling real battle arena. Join the arena; you can choose mighty chariots equipped with a lot of weapons to fight and defeat all opponents. The winner can only open this arena with no way out and huge walls. Mighty opponents and you, ready to fight each other in an unorganized manner for a highly entertaining experience. Choose for yourself a vehicle and equip it to suit your personality to fight against the opponent.

Demolition Derby Multiplayer


What are the rules of the game? The game has absolutely no rules because once you have driven into the arena, you are forced to control your car and collide to destroy all opponents. Each match includes a lot of chariots made by other players’ control.

You and the other players have no allies, and the only thing you need to do is drive around the battle area ready to collide with your opponent in various ways or the course of the match in which you become the player. If you are the only player left among many other players, then you are the winner. Come to the arena where there are no rules, here only collision and collision become the most potent driver beside your exciting chariot.

Demolition Derby Multiplayer


Do you love what a car looks like, small and agile or big and powerful? The game gives you a variety of vehicles to choose from with many different styles and shapes; not only that, but each vehicle also has different stats that create distinct fighting styles that players have. You can choose to suit yourself to bring into the battle-ready for the rushing collision from the opponent. Whether you want the versatility of your style or the ruggedness that comes from being big, anything can be achieved depending on the vehicle you go with. And don’t forget, after choosing a vehicle, equip a lot of combat weapons.

Demolition Derby Multiplayer


The combat equipment in the game is exceptionally diverse, with different combat functions, including defense and attack functions. You can equip weapons in every part of the vehicle to suit your battle gear. In addition, players can constantly change and upgrade equipment when the price is higher; the features and combat power that the equipment brings to the chariot becomes more effective and more potent.

Your opponents also equip great weapons for their vehicles; try to fight to receive more and more powerful equipment to increase the fighting power of your vehicle. Although skill is the most important thing, try to give yourself an advantage with weapons that can easily overwhelm the opponent in collisions destroy them all to become the champion.

Demolition Derby Multiplayer


Not only will you be able to match up with other equally matched players from various places, but you can also create a match to engage in vehicle warfare with your friends. With just a few simple steps in creating a game room and inviting other players, you can join your friends in exciting battles to create the best entertainment moments with friends. Playing together will make for a great experience like never before, don’t forget to invite your friends to join the game to fight together to strengthen your friendship.

Demolition Derby Multiplayer


The victory calculation or damage calculation would be meaningless without the appearance of the display system. In the game, when you collide with another vehicle, you can see the amount of damage you deal with other cars and the damage that occurs to the enemy vehicle by the stats displayed in the collision. The above creates a calculation for the player’s combat as well as understanding his vehicle better to be able to come up with effective strategies and fighting styles to win the match.


  • Distinctive gameplay style brings high entertainment to players with novel action games.
  • Diverse equipment with the choice of vehicles for the racers, choosing the right tactics.
  • Excellent damage display system to create appropriate calculations build your own playstyle.
  • Various combat customizations in the game to facilitate the match, providing dramatic matches.
  • Play with friends easily, fight with each other to find the stronger person to contribute to the bonding of friends.
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