dfolio is an application that makes it easier to store images and videos. Thanks to this application, you can save most of your phone’s space and store it forever with a fixed account.

App NameDfolio
PublisherSnapwood Photo and Slideshow Apps
Latest Version3.8.11
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Each phone has limited memory, but it has to consume a lot of space for many applications. Therefore, more and more software is available to optimize capacity. dfolio is also one of them. It helps your phone to store pictures and videos as an unlimited memory.

dfolio – Dropbox Photos and Slideshowsdfolio – Dropbox Photos and Slideshows


Working with dfolio is very simple. You need to sign up for an account for yourself with your Google, Gmail, or Android account. The app will then store all the pictures and videos with your account. If you lose your phone or memory card, don’t worry about losing image data. Reload the app and log in to your account; all data will be restored. That way, ten years or so later, you can look back on life’s moments through the photos and videos the app stores.

dfolio – Dropbox Photos and Slideshowsdfolio – Dropbox Photos and Slideshows


This application allows users to access and view photos in offline mode. However, for image backup, wifi is required. There are two ways to backup images. One is to automatically sync and backup when there is wifi. To be able to do this, you need to choose to allow automatic syncing as soon as you install the app. The second way is to back up each item individually manually. With this backup method, you must select each image or folder separately for the application to save the images. However, the benefit of this operation is that you can save what you want and don’t keep unnecessary pictures and videos.


Security settings for apps to make sure no one can steal your data. Users can use the pin code lock or fingerprint lock as the application’s key. If you forget the security code, contact the application’s helpdesk. After confirming the information, you will be sent back the security code in the Gmail section.

dfolio – Dropbox Photos and Slideshowsdfolio – Dropbox Photos and Slideshows


  • The application helps to store unlimited photos and videos is a good assistant for storing and freeing up phone space
  • Sign up for an app account with a Gmail, Google, or Android account to use
  • Lifetime image storage with a registered account, allowing viewing of images even in offline mode
  • Backup image and video data in two ways: automatically sync and backup, or manually back up each item separately
  • Set security for the application with a pin code lock or a fingerprint lock. The application will support returning the password after verifying the information
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