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App NameDouble Life
PublisherLit Games Development
Latest Version1.0.14
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Double life: love story & sim (Early Access) – a visual novel where you take control of your life. In this exciting world, you can become a superhero, a brave warrior, or do everything according to your heart… Remember, when entering here, your actions will determine the details or development of the story. And you will decide your own destiny, can be the boss, a talented advisor or the owner of a small family… One small thing to note, it only allows people over 16 years old to participate in this world. Because in this place there is some content here that is not suitable for ages 15 and under.

Double life: love story & simDouble life: love story & sim


In Double life, you can choose your own style as well as freely wear the clothes you want, giving players the most comfortable feeling when participating in the experience. In this software world, users can freely develop love relationships without the restrictions like some families in real life. When you enter this game, you will make important choices to change the course and action of the story. That makes your story dramatic, attracts the attention of many people. What you need in this world is the feeling of falling in love, solving crimes on your own, and going on epic fantasy adventures. I’m sure it will make you feel excited that no other application can replace it.

Double life: love story & simDouble life: love story & sim


In the world of Double life, you can transform into many different types of characters, each of which must have its own love life. For example, you can be a female lead, and then you can put on beautiful clothes and have a beautiful love or get into many love scandals. Or you want to become a billionaire who holds a lot of money and power and they are looking for a partner to help them manage their affairs. All of that is up to you to decide, and you can see your life blossom or life stagnate depending on your behavior.

Double life: love story & simDouble life: love story & sim


When you want to join the challenge, you just need to install it once. It will automatically download and notify you; from there, you can start your experiences. Those things will be done entirely free of charge, and you do not need to pay any cost even if you join the challenge. What else to think? Let’s live in our imaginary journey.


  • Make your own choices, and dress whichever you choose.
  • Get romantic, go on dates, and engage in other love activities.
  • Influence the progression of the plot by changing the outcomes of significant choices.
  • Make your date the ideal person for you by giving them specific instructions.
  • Explore the world of imagination and investigate mysterious crimes.
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