1. Free Zombie Spawn
2. Free Upgrading Buildings
3. Build is instant ready

App Name Dracula City Master: Idle Army
Publisher Tilting Point
Genre Strategy
Size 95M
Latest Version 1.0.8
MOD Info Free Spawn, Max Blood, Unlimited Money
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You are now able to play Dracula City Master Mod APK, which is widely regarded as the most effective idle strategy horror tower defense game. Construct your legion of bloodsucking monsters, and then put their power to use to rule the entire globe. With the push of a button, you can easily increase the size of your armies and let hordes of ravenous vampires loose into the globe, where they will compete with you for the top spot. This will allow you to get an advantage over your rivals.

In Dracula City Master, you play the role of a master of an ever-expanding army of the undead as you swarm over cities and villages, turning the inhabitants you encounter along the way into more zombies than you had before. The fact that it takes a novel approach to the traditional tower defense format makes Dracula City Master such an intriguing video game. Making everyone become vampires is the only strategy that will guarantee victory, and it is this strategy that we will use.

Tower defense video games like Dracula City Master are not difficult to learn how to play or become skilled at, and you can find yourself giving up hours of your life to it. In this tower defense game, you aim to defeat the city guards and establish dominance over the city’s citizens. It is reasonable to anticipate that a larger army will be amassed as a natural consequence of gaining control over a greater area of land. The size of your army is one-to-one correlated with the number of victories you earn. Simply pressing a button that makes vampires appear and puts them under your command grants you the capacity to take over the planet with an ever-growing army of the undead and the ability to command them. The might of your vampire army can be increased by pillaging the cities you conquer and control. If you include powerful vampires possessing a variety of diverse powers, your army will receive a boost as a result.

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