App NameEasyCut
PublisherGreat Talent Video Inc. Video Editor App
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Latest Version1.5.3.1004
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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EasyCut is a versatile and superior video editor as it has tons of templates and fascinating resources to extend users’ video editing capabilities to new heights. Conveniently, the high-tech AIs integrated into the system will completely assist users in cutting, editing, and processing videos. More exciting and premium content and functions will gradually extend to users in the future as they continuously explore and utilize this application.


Templates are considered video editing structures available for users to add their content and complete the final steps. Templates are also considered salvation for all users if they have no creativity or imagination. They need to select the content in order, and the AI ​​will automatically handle it. Of course, users can freely edit each template separately and make them more flexible than ever.

EasyCut – Video Editor & MakerEasyCut – Video Editor & Maker


Users can freely create countless masterpieces with just the intelligent cut function in EasyCut, including removing redundant details and focusing on the main content. The perfect and precise cut can make viewers more attractive and impressive with meticulous and professional manipulations. While cutting, users can insert more scenes or pictures from the outside, making the video more vivid and diverse through the cut feature.


Transitions are now considered important to most modern videos today. Fortunately, the application has many amazing transition content for users to add to the transition moments. That will make a strong impression on the viewers when every video detail is smooth and fluid. Moreover, thanks to the previous cut feature, it becomes simpler to insert effects into each segment.

EasyCut – Video Editor & MakerEasyCut – Video Editor & Maker


Slideshow style is usually only seen in regular presentations, but EasyCut turns it into art and makes users more creative. Thanks to a new slideshow style or template, they will have more ways to showcase their video masterpieces. Also, users can now narrate their life or happenings through the vivid and intriguing moments that appear in each life milestone.


Stickers or emotes are also interesting additional content if users want to be more fun or creative themselves. Adding stickers can be done via the multi-layer function, and each user’s movement can assign each sticker the perfect time to appear or disappear. All content, including stickers, has unique and vivid designs such as glittering to immerse users in endless creativity.

EasyCut – Video Editor & MakerEasyCut – Video Editor & Maker


In addition to the content mentioned above, EasyCut will continuously present users with many premium features to enhance their video editing performance. Their content and functions are unique, different from what users have ever seen before. The great thing is that almost every premium feature is AI-powered, so users can freely customize everything so fully and artistically so that every frame or detail is brilliant and outstanding.

EasyCut is one of the professional editors, thanks to most of its features or automated tools. Templates are also a great addition if the user is not creative or imaginative, opening up new possibilities for advanced and professional videography.

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