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Latest Version6.0.2.38
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EasyWay is a simple application that helps users keep track of the operating time or travel schedule of public transport worldwide. Each country or region has its systems, but they are not a problem for this application as it provides accurate information for users. The application also lets users comfortably search for any public transport in the area with just simple operations.


For those who often use public transport, such as buses, taxis, the subway, etc., EasyWay will be a perfect support tool. It contains all the data on the operating schedules of every public transit company globally and supports many separate countries to help users plan more efficiently. Everything about travel times stops, and important places to pick up transportation services are displayed in great detail.

All of its data is updated in real-time and has extensive synchronization for different time points worldwide. Also, the accuracy in all data is absolute, and it can be linked with map applications and users’ current location to give them many impressive discoveries. Meanwhile, those traveling in foreign countries can use this application to search for public transport stations located locally.

EasyWay public transportEasyWay public transportEasyWay public transport


If the user is not familiar with local roads, the application provides a map capable of operating offline. It integrates with impressive algorithms to provide users with the shortest or fastest routes to each public transit station with an estimated time. Furthermore, the user can calculate the distance between two points, combined with many other useful information or options to calculate the effective travel time.

The impressive thing is that the application can help users choose the most efficient and shortest switching stations to travel long distances. That also applies to metros, where changing stations is important, but the app can handle everything quickly. In short, building perfect routes or changes is the advantage of the application while taking full advantage of the map’s ability to give users flexible navigation.


Besides efficient calculation functions, EasyWay has a user-friendly and convenient interface designed to give users the best user experience. The great thing is that users can customize the interface and optimize their personal user experience for finding public transit stations. Moreover, it also affects the interaction with the map, making it easier for users to navigate through the built-in widgets.

EasyWay public transportEasyWay public transportEasyWay public transport


Frequent users have many personal time problems, so EasyWay is introducing convenient functionality for them to build reasonable timings. It also provides a superior calendar, helping users to organize their interwoven routes with work efficiently, thereby not missing any trips to any place. With extensive personalization in the personal calendar, users will have new experiences using the data system.

Developed countries or cities always have a dense public transport system to serve people’s daily lives. Thus, EasyWay gives users access to all the data of that system, from which to build or navigate to switching stations to catch every trip or optimize personal time perfectly.

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