Elroi: Defense War is a fun strategy game with super simple battles. Discover new lands and participate in adventurous battles.

1. No limit to summoning
2. Summoning not be consumed

App Name Elroi: Defense War
Publisher Ninetap
Genre Strategy
Size 197M
Latest Version 1.18.03
MOD Info Unlimited summoning
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If you are a lover of adventure games, then Elroi: Defense War is your game. The game includes both unique offensive and defensive gameplay, giving players a great experience. In addition, you will fight giant monsters and overcome complex challenges with novel tactical gameplay and a compelling storyline. The battlefield scene is incredible with top-notch 3D graphics, immersing players in dramatic battles.

Elroi : Defense War


With more than 500 levels and different battle environments, players will enjoy beautiful battles on diverse battlefields. Your task is to use your hero cards to recruit warriors to attack opponents. And your enemies will also recruit heroes to fight back. Elroi: Defense War requires players to have smart tactics and unique defense plans to gain an advantage over the enemy, creating fierce battles. You have to destroy your opponent’s towers to raise your level ultimately. The difficulty and challenge of the game will increase, so players must summon minions with outstanding combat ability.

Elroi : Defense War


The game has simple gameplay and easy access. You will confront the enemy warriors and destroy them to win. To be able to defeat the enemy bosses, the player must summon the most powerful warriors to fight the enemy. You will prepare the right number of warriors to protect your tower, and at the same time, avoid possible risks to your team.

Elroi : Defense War


In battles, you need to focus on resource energy because it plays an essential role in the team’s victory. Resource energy will help you summon heroes or increase the battle power of heroes. In addition, your towers will also assist you in combat, such as damaging enemies with wide-area attacks and causing enemies to lose a lot of health.

Elroi: Defense War is an excellent game for you with exciting boss battles in mysterious lands. After winning the battles, players will receive many great rewards such as gold coins, diamonds, … and you will use them to upgrade your characters and increase levels.

Elroi : Defense War


  • More than 500 challenging battles in different territories for players to explore and experience.
  • Time defense and attack in boss battles.
  • Collect hidden artifacts and activate powerful effects.
  • Simple and easy controls help players develop characters.
  • Diverse hero system and power stats to increase the fighting ability of heroes.
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