EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK is a rescue sim. You’ll be in control of fire, ambulance, police, and SWAT. In charge of emergency response vehicles and personnel.

  • Move speed multiplier (your team)
Publisher Promotion Software GmbH
Genre Strategy
Size 630M
Latest Version 1.7.20
MOD Info Fast Moving Character
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EMERGENCY HQ is a game where players will spend time completing life-saving missions in an utterly urgent manner with different forces. Each rescue force has its mission, and it is you who will decide the order so that they can carry out the rescue process. At the same time, during the game, you will have yourself an HQ built over time and a fleet of vehicles that are always ready to run to the emergency area.

EMERGENCY HQ – firefighter rescue strategy game


In EMERGENCY HQ, players will find new quests to challenge themselves in this new game version. Specifically, you will perform the Oktoberfest quest and solve problems stemming from fires to save people’s lives. You will realize that these are new missions, so the level of complexity and challenge will also increase. You will have to mobilize many fire trucks, ambulances, and cranes.

EMERGENCY HQ – firefighter rescue strategy game


Before talking about the main gameplay of EMERGENCY HQ, the players will find themselves a space, and of course, you will let this place be the HQ to know all the related problems in the town and come resolved quickly. At the same time, you will spend time building fire stations, medical stations, and other facilities to solve fire problems that can arise. In addition, it will be more beneficial if you can build a lot of facilities.

Specifically, when you build a new base, you will see a corresponding vehicle appear. In other words, you will take your time to complete your rescue team. Rescues are usually carried out on a small to large scale and require different numbers of vehicles. So, when you finish building the HQ, it will also be convenient to carry out the rescue process. There is nothing better than seeing your fleet of vehicles move immediately to the area of the fire.

EMERGENCY HQ – firefighter rescue strategy game


The gameplay that players experience in EMERGENCY HQ is wholly focused on the tactical element. In other words, you will not control a character too specific but will assign work to a particular force. For those who have never experienced this game before, the tutorial screen will help them grasp the mechanics of the game. When you see a problem, you’ll need to assess what you should do first.

EMERGENCY HQ – firefighter rescue strategy game

Different vehicles will be mobilized to the problem place simultaneously, and you need to touch a specific force to see the related activities. Pictures represent activities, so you can easily see what they mean. At the same time, the rescue process is not in a specific order because you will need to put out the fire and save the user simultaneously. Sometimes you need to pull the obstacle before you start giving first aid to the surrounding victims.

EMERGENCY HQ – firefighter rescue strategy game


Players will experience many exciting levels, and of course, they will always require a specific sensitivity for the player. After each different game screen, you will receive a certain amount of money and experience. These two resources are beneficial when you need money to buy new buildings to build your HQ to become more developed. So, this is a suitable game for players to entertain in their way.


  • Missions that are both varied and hard, with comprehensive maps
  • All emergency agencies are represented by specially equipped mission vehicles.
  • Improvements to structures and individual units
  • Compete against other players in the league to put your commander abilities to the test.
  • Form a Rescue Alliance with other players to assist in the rescue effort.
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