Empire of Crime Mod APK – Fight against gangs from all around the world to earn your place in the underworld’s hall of fame!

App Name Empire of Crime
Publisher Bozzy Games
Genre Strategy
Size 1.2G
Latest Version 0.6.0
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You should form your clan and work on developing your city to eliminate other families that are getting in your way. You have spent the previous five years imprisoned, and when you are eventually released, you find that the rival clan has taken control of your city. You and your loyal friends start a new line after discovering that your family has abandoned you. This moment marks the beginning of your illustrious career in the underground criminal world.

It would help if you began keeping your commitments to us. You can climb to the position of crime boss in the city by seizing control of the street lots owned by your adversaries, pillaging their properties, and using the stolen money and resources to fund your criminal organization. Criminals are being hunted down very actively! You can employ mobsters, motorcyclists, and hitmen to assist you in expanding your criminal empire. Nobody deserves the wealthy’s money. Join large-scale battles, raid other players’ villages, and use the loot to build your own. If you make my life tough, I’ll kill you. Ally with other clans. Challenge alliances from around the world to a fight to determine their leader. It’s more fun with girls. Show off your charisma and humor to attractive women in your mansion.

To become the most powerful criminal in the city, you must first take control of your adversaries’ street lots and then steal their properties and resources. Evildoers are being hunted down right now! To assist you in constructing your underworld empire, you should look into hiring underground fighters, legendary bikers, and vicious shooters. Those who are wealthy are the ones who have worked hard to get there. Take part in epic battles, attack other players’ cities, and loot their resources to help you build your own empire. If you give me a reason to be angry, you will never see the light of day again. Create your alliance and ask other clans to join in on it. Fight Alliances from various regions of the world and prove to them who the boss is! Nothing beats spending time with your girlfriends. Nothing. Date and converse with stunning women in the comfort of your mansion, and demonstrate to them how captivating you can be.

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