Empty is a simple puzzle game with a unique gameplay mechanism that provides a relaxing experience for players during the puzzle process.

App NameEmpty.
Latest Version4.7.2477
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Empty gives players a whole new puzzle game mechanics where you’ll rotate the room to clear away designated items. This game is now completely free from the installation to the ad removal mechanics in the game. This optimizes the player’s entertainment experience and provides a truly relaxing puzzle game suitable for all ages. Join the game and discover the wonderful things it brings, enjoy the most relaxing moments after the hard times in life.



Are you too familiar with the usual puzzle games when they are very similar, bringing a sense of monotony during the game experience? Empty was developed with entirely new gameplay, blowing a fresh breath of the puzzle game genre. Empty with exceptional gameplay offers a harmonious color scheme with soothing music and entertaining gameplay. All of this has created an exciting game that helps you relax with the unique levels it brings. Join the game to experience completely new gameplay and enjoy the relaxing moments that the game brings.



The most important thing about a relaxing game is its simplicity, which is reflected in the style, gameplay, and operation of the game. The game gives players a very simple way to play in terms of process, and you only need to use a single finger for the purpose of rotating the room to different angles through which to remove the specified items for deletion. It’s great that besides an extremely light interface, there is also an extremely simple gameplay, these two factors directly create the greatness of the game.



Do you think a relaxing puzzle game would be easy to play? Absolutely not when the game is only easy to overcome in some initial challenges when it is usually the game screen so that players can easily get used to the operations when playing the game. When you have passed a certain number of levels, you will be able to try your hand at levels of more difficult complexity. At that time, the challenge was more difficult with the items increased in number, and the way to clean them was not easy. Players need to know that the game is created for the purpose of relaxation, but it has a very high puzzle nature and needs a lot of skill training from the player.



  • Relaxing puzzle game with entirely new unique gameplay, experience a wonderful relaxing moment.
  • Harmonious colors, soft music, and playing with friends; Enjoy the best time together.
  • The operation is straightforward easy to get used to for players; The gameplay is light but extremely attractive.
  • Suitable for all ages and highly healthy for players; it also helps you learn good habits.
  • Many different items for players to freely play and clean up; Perfect choice for anyone who likes this game genre.
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