Epic Monster TD is an exciting strategy game with fierce battles in the virtual world of powerful monsters. You will be the leader of the army of monsters to protect your homeland.

Always Critical
High Critical Damage
High Gold Drop

Info :
Game have leadearboard System , abusing will resulting to ban.

App Name Epic Monster TD
Publisher Iron Horse Games LLC
Genre Strategy
Size 36M
Latest Version 101
MOD Info Damage, Max Attack Range
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Monsters are fearsome creatures and have significant damage, but they can also help you become our allies in battles. If you are interested in this, then go to Epic Monster TD. This is a world where monsters exist everywhere, and you will participate in epic battles with your mighty army of monsters. This game will give you a fantastic adventure journey.

Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense


Epic Monster TD will bring you a fantasy world of powerful elemental monsters and high-tech military robots for you to battle your enemies. You will be the commander of an army of monsters to protect the homeland from the invasion of other armies. When it comes to tower defense, gamers must have experienced it because this is a game genre that many people love. This game is one of the typical games with richer and more unique features. Especially the pixel graphics of this game will make players impressed from the first play.

In this fantasy tower defense game, you will play as the United monster alliance defense commander. Your mission is to defend your homeland and manage a defensive position around the entrances to avoid the onslaught of the enemy army. In addition, you also need to earn resources, upgrade monsters and unlock new items, help your army become more robust, and overcome all difficulties.

Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense


An army of cyborgs is planning to invade the homeland of monsters with the sole goal of destroying living things and gaining domination of the universe. So you will stand up to fight as the leader of the monster alliance and lead your army in every journey. You will arrange the necessary units into the positions specified by the system on the map and start the war. When enemies begin to approach the gate you and your army guard, the monsters will automatically attack and eliminate these evil enemies.

After successfully stopping the enemy, you will win and gain many skills and rewards for yourself. You have to try your best not to let any enemies pass through that gate. If a certain number of enemies pass through that gate, you will be instantly defeated. Therefore, you need to skillfully combine the elements of the squad and upgrade to be able to defeat all the evil plots of the enemy.

Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense


Coming to this fantasy world, you will see a variety of monsters, and you can summon them to use in fierce battles. The strength of each type of monster is classified according to the number of stars obtained, and it will also be equivalent to the rarity of the monster. The higher the number of stars obtained, the more vital the monster, and the higher the rarity, the stronger their primary attributes and combat ability.

In addition, each monster will have its own unique fighting style, so you must know how to make the most of its abilities in different positions on the battlefield. In particular, their fighting power will increase a lot after upgrading monsters. Moreover, if you want to own rare monsters, you can hunt them or buy them in the store with the number of resources you have.

Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense


  • Epic RPG battles and PvP tournaments are held twice a week to participate and win many attractive rewards while helping you acquire some new skills and increase combat power.
  • The battles take place continuously, and without end, you will fight in turn with many enemies at different levels; later on, the difficulty will increase and force you to achieve greater strength to confront the enemy.
  • Various quests for you to perform daily will equate to different rewards so you can receive and collect great resources for your monsters and your homeland.
  • The strange monsters are classified according to the number of stars; the more stars, the greater the power and the higher the rarity. At the same time, each monster will have a unique fighting ability and are suitable for each position so that you can take advantage of it.
  • Build a mighty army of monsters to fight off hordes of evil robots, lead your own monster alliance, and place them in different battle positions.
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