In Extreme Landings Pro APK – There are 36 missions to complete, 216 obstacles to complete, cartography and global navigation with over 500 exact airport replicas, and real-time weather conditions in the simulator.

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App NameExtreme Landings Pro
Latest Version3.7.8
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Extreme Landings Pro becomes the most realistic airport simulation that players have ever experienced. With great layouts, beautiful graphics, and the sense of intimacy that it brings, it has scored an absolute score in the heart of any object. This is a refreshing adventure for those who have been and want to join; prepare a good comb and hone your skills in flying, taking off, and landing safely to be chosen as the great pilot.

Extreme Landings Pro


The system provides a sequence of 36 different missions with increasing difficulty level by level. In addition, Extreme Landings Pro also completed 216 challenges, and they are all waiting for players to clear the island. Not only in the form of small competitions, taking place in a short period of time, the system also creates six large international competitions, and to go through it, you will have a certain amount of time but will definitely fall into extraordinary events.

Extreme Landings Pro

Welcome newcomers to 20 unique HD airports, experience the flight from start to finish, and learn how to keep your aircraft safe. Don’t let it slip on the flight path; slamming the brakes will cause the plane to disintegrate and the mission to fail. A system running in the background will have helpful warnings for the entire flight, turn on or on autopilot to take in the scenery, review the route of the trip and control the safe speed level is what you should hold.

Extreme Landings Pro


The navigation bar will work more actively in Extreme Landings Pro because it will be difficult to go astray. Anticipate weather patterns approaching the aircraft and give warnings; in the worst case, find a way to land at the nearest flight path to ensure the safe continuation of the journey. Nothing can compare with the advanced with which the engine system of the aircraft is installed. Ensure absolute safety and effectively manage the fuel used.

APU management mode will probably make your work much more accessible! Open the wheels within the allowable range for a gentle landing without damaging the aircraft structure. Do not forget to regularly check them with the flap system, reverse and review the level of damage after each flight.

Extreme Landings Pro


Extreme Landings Pro will constantly update more about the navigation system to 548 large and small airports and 1107 different runways that can be ready to receive your plane. Before you begin, you should consider the weather conditions, only fly safely on favorable days so that the completion of the mission can be guaranteed. A comprehensive map will be displayed in the corner of the screen, with more than 8000 points of red flashing different colors, easier to navigate.

The driver will set if a command is received for an autopilot flight. Meanwhile, you should explore the super shimmering 3D cockpit to get used to it. Clear image mode is always on, and the camera will work throughout the trip to ensure that the movements of the aircraft are recorded. Display the time on the screen and pay attention to it, so you don’t miss a brilliant kiss session!


Opening small flights to help players experience the feeling of becoming the pilot in the cockpit of an aircraft, Extreme Landings Pro always wants to bring new and exciting feelings. The diverse feature system, realistic 3D graphics, and a quiet driving mode will help you learn better this control lesson. Please leave your review on it, so we’ll refresh our shortcomings again on the next comeback!

Extreme Landings Pro


  • There are 36 missions and 216 tasks to complete. 6 of which are in international competitions, and 20 high-definition airports
  • Rapid-fire landing mode with worldwide competition and five fault levels is available.
  • Instrument Landing System (also known as ILS)
  • Autopilot speed, route, altitude, and vertical speed are all shown on the primary flight display.
  • Microburst, ice, and wind are all managed with the use of weather radar.
  • Engine system has advanced features such as ignition, faults, and fire safety
  • Gasoline management, including weight balance, Jettison, and real-time use
  • Landing gears are controlled using a manual unlocking method.
  • Control over the rudder, flaps, reversers, and spoilers is complete.
  • With 548 airports and 1107 useable runways, real-time or customizable weather conditions, and cartography with over 8000 waypoints, you may navigate the whole world (VOR, NDB, TACAN, DME, GPS, FIX)
  • Configuration of Automatic Flight Planning (AFC)
  • The technology includes a cinema replay system as well as a 3D virtual cockpit with integrated instruments.
  • Real-time terrestrial elevation from SRTM30 Plus, and real-time coastline from MODIS VCF
  • OpenWeatherMap provides current weather conditions in real-time.
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