App NameF18 Carrier Landing
Latest Version7.5.7
MOD InfoFull Game
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F18 Carrier Landing depicts a space to learn how to use the aircraft according to instructions and complete the special missions that are broadcast each day. On a narrow runway limited to the aircraft carrier, players will find a way to overcome their worries and land safely. The warnings that are constantly being broadcast are the best guide. Let’s fly in the sky with the aircraft we provide, be sure; they will make you satisfied!

F18 Carrier Landing


A realistic world with a clear blue sky and a gentle sunset in the distance, F18 Carrier Landing applies innovative technology to make the graphics more realistic and excite you. An exciting flight will start with departure from a system of more than 500 airports; the flight is divided by day – night, and flying in the sky is also highly dependent on the weather. A map of the area will be provided with more than 8000 waypoints to make it easy to locate.

Received rave reviews from players for the launch of a new system called RORTOS, which is appreciated for providing a better flight experience, along with the addition of a journey record function and allow review if desired. This has attracted more interest, and whether you are an experienced pilot or not, we believe that you will be a good pilot under the guidance and what is provided.

F18 Carrier Landing


Refreshing and assigning different tasks for different times of the day and offering valuable rewards for reaching milestones is one of the attractive features. Each flight is subject to time and weather conditions. If it’s too complicated, maybe you should wait a bit. Make your name in the F18 Carrier Landing’s global leaderboard to find a niche, unlock and discover more planes.

There will be a camera recording your entire aerial mission, landing at the indicated location and ending the exciting flight! Don’t forget to watch out for the red alert system that plays for a few seconds on the screen. Learning how to take off and land smoothly is key. Observe the fuel tank and fill it up if it doesn’t feel right. It is possible that, while flying, you will encounter the extremes of unpredictable weather, be intelligent, and be quick to handle!

F18 Carrier Landing


F18 Carrier Landing creates a virtual cockpit in front of you, using advanced 3D technology to more realistically control buttons, levers,… Open the detector or radar to understand the surrounding areas’ situation and know the nearest airport or the planes traveling on the same itinerary. Broadcast a type of radio communication and feel more professional when using the I.F.L.O.L.S approach system.

The fleet of aircraft we offer will make you more excited; among them can be mentioned F / A-18 Super Hornet, F-14 Tomcat super, C-2A Greyhound, or F-16 Fighting Falcon. There are still many; let’s start to unlock them! Turn connection mode on or off, but we recommend that it’s better to experience the flight when connecting two different devices and use one as a remote control, the other to observe the actual process command.

F18 Carrier Landing


Fly a plane more professionally, learn how to handle the worst that can happen, or relax after the joy of safe landing; that’s all the F18 Carrier Landing can do well. It will be better to experience it with friends, so we hope you have a good time, don’t forget to leave a review on how satisfied you are!

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