Football Manager 2022 Mobile Mod APK is the newest installment in the worldwide hit series; it is the #1 mobile football management game on the market, with over 8.8 million sales to date.

App Name Football Manager 2022 Mobile
Publisher SEGA
Genre Sports
Size 623M
Latest Version 13.3.2
MOD Info Full Game
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Football Manager 2022 Mobile is a game where players will play the role of a team manager and choose the modes to experience. You will spend time managing your players and making your team grow. At the same time, you also find interesting offers after you have completed a specific match. Indeed, any player can find pleasure in solving problems in the game.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile


Players will be entering a football world with many different clubs and countries in Football Manager 2022 Mobile. They can satisfy their passion when they become famous with their players and overcome many strong opponents. At the same time, your role in this game is not to control the players and score impressive goals. You will become a manager and develop your team by signing many new players.

When you start the game, you will be given a choice of three different game modes but still, focus on you managing your team. The first mode is the Career Mode, where players will be given a time limit of 30 years to develop the team. At the same time, in Challenge Mode, your team is relegated in the middle of the season, so you will try to help them overcome difficulties. The last mode is My Club, where you can do whatever you want when you create a team and develop it.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile


Once you’ve chosen a game mode of your own in Football Manager 2022 Mobile, you’ll begin to learn what the team you’re getting. You will not waste time searching and recruiting each player; you will receive a complete team. The work that you need to do is learn about these players and adjust some things related to position and tactics to go out and win the opponent. At the same time, each character appears as a card and has associated stats that you can find.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile

You will find the positions that the characters on the team hold, and if you have no problem with it, a match will follow shortly after. Specifically, you will not need to control your team but will only see their progress. The basis for the match’s outcome will come from the tactics of selecting players and squads before the game begins. In addition, you are also suffocated with the elements that are narrated when the game takes place.

You will see a field with small dots representing the players, and above, you will see the match’s score. At the bottom of the area will be the shot number, the ratio of competition, and many other factors. The factor that makes you feel attracted is the competition ratio between the two teams. It will not be stable because the two colors corresponding to the two teams will continuously increase or decrease. So you will be satisfied if your team wins against the opponent.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile


After you complete the battle in Football Manager 2022 Mobile, post-battle problems will start to appear. You will find offers to transfer a player for a certain amount of money, and of course, you should consider these issues carefully after knowing what position the player is playing. In addition, some issues such as contract renewal will also appear before your eyes, and there will be many options for you to make. So think twice before doing something.


  • A slew of other enhancements and tweaks contribute to this being the most immersive version of FM Mobile ever. Players who have played before will notice a redesigned home screen, improved player search features, and much more.
  • For the first time in the series’ history, AI headshots for freshly created players have been included to your wonderkids and academy goods.
  • With the inclusion of brand-new media storylines, each season’s crucial events take on increased significance. Journalists will notice if you’ve had a solid start or are dealing with an injury problem and will confront you appropriately. Are you capable of navigating the media circus?
  • Make transactions on your terms and take control of the most realistic and competitive transfer market we’ve ever seen. The option to reply to several offers for your players gives you unprecedented control over your recruiting.
  • With the revamped scouting tools, you can boost your wonderkid recruiting. Define the attributes you want in a player and assign your backroom staff the task of locating the next generation of worldwide superstars.
  • In each profession, unlock new potential and load up to five countries. With the advent of the South African league, you may now compete in African continental championships for the first time.
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