App NameFrom Zero to Hero: Cityman
PublisherHeatherglade Publishing
Latest Version1.8.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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From Zero to Hero: Cityman is a top simulation game, allowing you to experience a life full of levels, from a poor man to become a giant, even a president. You will create every story in this game; you will have to work in this virtual world. Try to experience the feeling of rising with empty hands, and you will be able to learn many things and apply them to your real life.

From Zero to Hero: CitymanFrom Zero to Hero: Cityman


From Zero to Hero: Cityman seems to want to make fun of you; starting the game, you will have nothing but a little money, just enough to buy food and some necessary living tools, but all efforts will pay off. Try to spend as little as possible to get through the initial difficult period, then find a part-time job, accumulate money to finish college, then focus on making more money, get married, and enjoy your life.

However, your life can only change dramatically if you make the perfect decisions at each stage of your life. You can choose to work or start a business after graduation, choose a job with a future, learn how to invest in stocks to generate significant profits. Virtual relationships in the game, such as wife and children, colleagues, business partners, … also significantly affect your life. Finally, when things hit the limit, try to run for president; of course, that’s the last mark, so that it will be tough.

From Zero to Hero: CitymanFrom Zero to Hero: Cityman


The game gives you an excellent opportunity to try starting a business in the field you love, and it can be trading in any item, opening a coffee shop, participating in real estate, or investing in exchanges. Of course, you need a significant amount of capital to start these jobs, and you will also have to take the risk of nothing if they fail.


There are 2 ways for you to get rich quickly in From Zero to Hero: Cityman. These missions are ranked from easy to difficult, and they all offer great rewards when completed. An easy way for you is to complete the given tasks. Or the second way, take your time to invest in stocks or open your own company. A rich life will help you have more interesting experiences in this game.

From Zero to Hero: CitymanFrom Zero to Hero: Cityman


After activities to get rich, remember to take time to take care of yourself and enjoy life. You can also get sick, so take the time to exercise and get checked out at the hospital. You also need to create a virtual family, have children and take care of them. Of course, you can also go to bars, discos, parties or play a sport you like. Remember to make sure that the activities you participate in are balanced with the economic possibilities you have.


Like in real life, in From Zero to Hero: Cityman, you also need to achieve specific social power in addition to wealth. After becoming a tycoon, think about becoming a politician, a president. This journey not only requires a strong financial ability, but you also need to pass rigorous tests. However, this is the highest ladder you need to conquer in this game, try to do it before you reach old age and die.

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