Galaxy Battleship is a game that simulates a sci-fi world, explores the earth, and creates an alien civilization.

App Name Galaxy Battleship
Genre Strategy
Size 215M
Latest Version 1.30.41
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Coming to Galaxy Battleship, you will be incarnated as a commander of the planet. Your mission is to build bases and expand buildings, summon military forces and develop technology, join a fleet organization in space to protect against pirates with a team of mighty troops confront other potential enemies. Strive to be the lord of the universe by choosing to cooperate with players around the world to fight the enemy together and conquer the earth.

Galaxy Battleship Galaxy Battleship


Join the ferocious battle, travel across space, and conquer the stars to claim the cosmos for yourself. Manage a massive space station and strategize against an oncoming galactic civilization. Build and build new bases, establish an alliance, and raise an army to combat the galaxy’s adversaries. You are the Federation’s only hope; everyone relies on you. Begin constructing a base with your army, working hard not to violate everyone’s trust in your quest to become the Lord of the Universe.


The game has a bold sci-fi world, beautiful graphic design, and a detailed giant spaceship to bring true experiences. Diverse game with different gameplay, you will get resources to upgrade troops and unlock buildings. You need to upgrade to level 2 to enable resource unlocking, and some mines need to be mined to help with base building. The command center is the core building that restricts the growth of other buildings, so you need to gain control with your army to attack the universe and win.


The map opens with large areas from meteorites to galaxies; challenges are waiting for you ahead. Pirates are attacking your base, and you need to calmly mobilize your army to fight and defeat them before they take over the base—research construction technology and upgrade buildings to support you in the battle. You need to add modules to your space, build improved facilities, recruit troops to build a large fleet. The works are substantial and realistically simulated, giving you the best experience.

Galaxy Battleship Galaxy Battleship


– Beautiful combat effects, vivid sound, and diverse gameplay provide a great experience.
– HD graphics, exquisite simulation, and realistic design do not worry about boredom during the game.
– Extensive development strategy, choose your own strategy with the exquisitely designed model.
– Map with large space imbued with sci-fi world to participate in an exciting battle
– Exquisite and realistically simulated giant warships and spaceships clearly feel the fierceness of the battle.

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