App Namegfolio
PublisherSnapwood Photo and Slideshow Apps
Size37.5 MB
Latest Version3.8.11
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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gfolio – Photos and Slideshows is an online photo gallery and a premium slideshow maker for you. You have thousands of commemorative photos, and you really don’t want to have to delete any of them. However, the memory of the device is not enough. Then this application is the optimal solution for you, and it will help you store photos and videos in unlimited quantities. In addition, the application also supports you in creating perfect slideshows from existing photos.


This application is essentially a photo gallery. However, they are synced with Google Drive, which allows its storage capacity to be limitless. With a single selection, you can sync all your photos, or specific folders, from your device to this app. This not only gives you ample storage space but also ensures that your photos and videos don’t get lost, whether you change or lose your device. You can get photos from any device as long as you are logged into your correct account.

gfolio – Photos and Slideshowsgfolio – Photos and Slideshowsgfolio – Photos and Slideshows


Although not a professional video creation application, but gfolio also allows you to create highly professional and beautiful videos. Your job is quite simple, and you just need to select the photos or videos you want to show, then choose additional effects in the application store. Depending on the quality requirements, there are slideshows that only take a few minutes to complete.

To add impact to your presentation, you can also add stickers or animations from the stock. Inserting emoticons, weather icons, … will make the slideshow more attractive. In addition, effects such as background blur or color filters will also help you have more choices. You can choose from pre-made filters, or tweak them yourself to suit your preferences.

To make the content of the slideshow more clear, gfolio also provides you with an additional text annotation tool. With different font styles, sizes, and colors, you can easily customize to create a suitable caption text for each slide. Please balance the size of their positions so as not to affect the quality of the images that appear. In addition, you can also add music to make your presentation more attractive. You can use instrumental music in the app store, or you can also upload your favorite tracks from the device.

gfolio – Photos and Slideshowsgfolio – Photos and Slideshowsgfolio – Photos and Slideshows


gfolio allows you to link with other smart devices like Android TV or Google TV. This will help you play your slideshows on a larger canvas. This tool will maximize its effect in meetings, anniversaries, or in a cozy conversation in the family,…


The app is entirely free for everyone. However, for a better experience, you can also pay extra for special services. With the upgrade, you will be able to create presentations with higher quality; the stored images are also HD quality, without distortion. The process of processing photos or presentations is also faster. In addition, you also need to upgrade your Drive to maximize storage space.

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